Why Do I Hate My Job?

In truth many Americans are worried, and they should be. A lot of us ask why do I hate my job? Do not feel guilty because you have plenty of reasons to hate your job and it’s not your fault. We are all just part-time servants (employees) to our masters (employers) when it boils down to it. Most of us can’t survive for a month without a weekly paycheck, so we live in fear and obey our bosses at all costs no matter how bad our jobs may be, for our family’s sake. It’s just really sad what the world is coming to these days and the statistics show it.

You Are Not Alone 85% People Worldwide Hate Their Jobs !!!

The most recent poll taken in 2017 by Gallup states that 85% of people in the world admittedly hate their job. Meanwhile, over 70% of Americans admit to hating their job. Gallup has surveyed millions of people in around 200 countries about their level of job satisfaction since the year 2000. For all we know this percentage could be higher in the USA and worldwide since this is only the percentage of people who actually admit hating their jobs. There are obviously people still lying to themselves  about their hatred for their current job. Denial is not only a river in Egypt am I right. (Yea, I know bad dad joke, please don’t hate me)

Although the economy is doing a little better than it was in the recent past this has not helped in changing how Americans feel about their job situation at all. There are about 100 million full-time workers in the USA and over half of them are not engaged while they are at work.

16% are actively doing a bad job at work on purpose because they hate their job so much. I’m honestly surprised this number isn’t higher but its only what people admit to so it kind of makes sense.

These polls say the excess amount of work and working hours along with a lack of overall raises to keep up with inflation are a main reason people loathe their jobs. I agree with this completely. I believe that when you add extra work and working hours to people lives while at the same time you pay them less for it they are destined to become unhappy. How could that not create resentment?

Another statistic from 2016 says that 80% people on LinkedIn either don’t enjoy or hate their job. Now that kind of makes sense since most people use LinkedIn to find a new job anyways.

Top Reasons We Hate Our Jobsman with sad face

  • Unhappy at Work? (Think Office Space) Your Boss or Bosses Could be Mostly to Blame. Having a boss you hate and who hates you back makes for a very harsh work environment. This also goes along with being surrounded by colleagues you despise. If you hate any of your coworkers, you might just hate your job because you have to see those same jerks day after day.
  • Being Underpaid– Big shocker here people hate getting paid little for the hard work they put in. This is even more of an issue when the employee knows how much their company is making off them for their efforts.
  • Longer Hours– Too much of anything is usually not good. We are working more than ever. Not many people still work just 9-5 anymore and at many jobs you need to prepare for work when at home. What the hell right? We don’t even get paid for all that extra time we dedicate. Then throw in the commute to and from work and there’s an even bigger chunk of time out of our day. Full-time work is way over 40hrs a week in modern times for most individuals. On top of that, we stress about work when we’re not even there. Can someone show me the off button, please?
  • No or Little Advancement Opportunity– Not many people are happy facing the sad truth that in their current job they have little to no chance of getting promoted. That is demoralizing. I don’t know many people who would want to be stuck in the same paying job until they retire knowing that no matter how hard they work they won’t reap additional benefits other than the 3% annual raise that barely if even keeps up with inflation.
  • Company Culture– This can be a big one. Lots of corporations push their “culture” on its employees so that you must engulf yourself in the company’s ways whether you like it or not. If your company’s culture forces you to work longer than reasonable or to do other things that you truly believe you shouldn’t have to, then this can easily make you loathe your job
  • Under-Appreciated– No one is happy working somewhere that they are under appreciated. When you do a great job on a project or whatever task you complete and are not appreciated for what you accomplished then you won’t have satisfaction in your job. At least not for very long.
  • Fear of Losing Your Job– Just the fear of losing your job is enough to make you hate your job. Companies downsize every day and ship our jobs overseas constantly. This is a fact that many of us know all too well. It’s hard not to hate a job if you’re not sure whether you will have it tomorrow. The worst is when an employee must train their less experienced replacement and if they don’t, they lose out on severance and any other benefits that may be coming their way.
  • Stress Stress Stress-If you are constantly stressed at your job then it’s highly likely you will suffer, and that stress will pour over into other aspects of your life. When we are stressed all the time we die at a younger age and are more prone to health issues. Anxiety, depression, and heart issues are just a couple things to name. For your own sake don’t let stress at work literally kill you. It doesn’t matter if you make decent money if you’re stressed out like crazy at work all the time because if you die before you retire what is the point of saving all those years? Let me tell you, THERE IS NONE!!! If you’re in this type of situation then get out. Believe me, I was there once I know how it can be.

The U.S Uses Highest Percentage Of Anti psychotic Drugs In The World!

This is kind of scary. Did you know that 1 in 6 people are on a psychiatric drug of some kind and this is only increasing? I believe that the reason for this is because of our jobs. Think about it. Back in the day a single person could work and afford to take care of a family of 6 or more easily no matter where they worked. They could buy a house, new car, boat, whatever else they needed, retire at the right age and actually have money left over to live out the rest of their days. (Not in the great depression obviously)

Now you can have 2 full-time working parents with 1 child that can barely afford to rent a crappy apartment, pay on a used car, and buy groceries so they’re given food stamps. This is the disturbing truth and it honestly makes me sick. The days of getting rewarded for hard work seem to be behind us. Yes, there are people that do well but overall on average as a society we have taken a massive leap backward in regard to this. On top of this meanwhile, we are all trying to “keep up with the Joneses and it’s driving people literally mad.

If you think about it like that then it makes perfect sense that we use the highest percentage of psychiatric drugs in the world and we pay the most for prescription drugs, so the cost has nothing to do with it. We use these drugs just to cope with our existence. There’s a study out that states psychiatric drugs kill more people than heroin. That means it’s pretty obvious these drugs are not good for us. I fear that if the job environment for the average American doesn’t get better soon then things will only become worse.

Is There Any Hope?

It seems there may yet be hope for American workers. Corporations are starting to slowly change things to better suit their employees and no it’s not because they care about any one of us more than before so don’t get that idea. The reason they are doing this is plain and simple. Money. They are finally realizing that unhappy employees are not as productive as happy employees and it’s affecting their bottom line. No really ya think? Even a teenager could tell you that.

Now it’s being statistically proven that if a company has happier employees versus their competitors then they do better overall as a business than their competition. Seems like this makes a lot of sense, corporations should have thought about this a long time ago.

We are in a worldwide employee engagement crisis according to Gallup. People are starting to realize things are not right and that they are being taken advantage of in one way or another.

Because of this, these corporations are starting to change things like throwing out annual reviews and having check-ins frequently with their employees throughout the year. This is only a baby step in the right direction but once the ball starts rolling things will change… hopefully, especially if the greedy corporation’s profits are on the line. Studies show this is due to millennial’s who now are the biggest part of the U.S workforce. The millennials will change the workforce environment for better or worse. Frankly, I hope for the better.

The only way to be truly free from the chaos of the workplace is to become your own boss or find a job that truly makes you happy. This means start your own business. You can do this many ways, either with a physical business, an online business or both. When you are your own boss you can do whatever you like whenever you like as long as you take care of the business and your customers. Now I understand most people wouldn’t be able to quit their day job and jump into their own business full-time simply because of financial reasons. We all need money coming in on a regular basis to survive. What you can do is start a business in your spare time. Then once you are making enough money switch over completely to working full-time for yourself or just enjoy the extra income and do both.

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