What Is Affjobs?

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Affjobs. What is Affjobs? Affjobs is a premium affiliate marketing recruitment site that was established in early 2018. Simply put Affjobs is an online job board platform for the affiliate marketing industry created by the team who founded Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum STM and successful global conference Affiliate World Conferences.

Affjobs is a very new job board but has huge potential for growth and I believe it will be the LinkedIn for the marketing industry. They are constantly growing and have a knowledgeable team of experts running the business. I indeed see a bright future for Affjobs. One main attraction of Affjobs is the simple fact that every one on this job board is actively seeking the same thing which is marketing jobs. I will get into this more in a moment.

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Who Is Affjobs For?

There are two types of individuals/companies that Affjobs is currently for.

  1. People who are looking for any type of marketing/affiliate job
  2. Companies looking to recruit marketing/affiliate employees

Individuals Seeking A Marketing Job/Career

For people seeking a marketing position of any kind Affjobs is a great job board to sign up with. Like most job boards it is free to sign up and there are many positions available all over the world. What’s great about Affjobs is that there are international positions as well as work from home positions, so if you’re looking to relocate or not move from your couch Affjobs can help you out.

One huge draw I noticed with Affjobs is  it’s much easier than some other websites when it comes to searching for a job simply for the fact that you don’t have to sift through all the undesired job categories. This is because Affjobs is specifically tailored for the marketing industry, meaning you won’t find any jobs outside of this industry. Yes, with other online job boards you can use the filter option and narrow down what your looking for but since Affjobs is geared only towards marketing you will find more high quality jobs on this website that you will not find elsewhere. Now don’t get me wrong there are other job boards where you can find great marketing jobs but if you are looking for a marketing job be it domestically, at home or internationally then joining Affjobs and seeing what they have to offer is a smart move. This way you open up your options and increase your potential for finding the right marketing job for you.

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For Employers Looking To Fill Marketing Positions

hire the industy's best

As a company looking for marketing canidates Affjobs is a great affordable option and soon will be the best option. The only reason at this moment in time it is not the best option is because Affjobs is a very new job board and does not have the public exposure that other internet job boards have right now. This will change with time though. Like all businesses throughout history they all need some time to grow.

For an employer looking to fill marketing positions Affjobs is one of the job boards you do not want to underestimate. Why? Because every job seeker that is registered with Affjobs is specifically looking for a good marketing job. Most if not all the candidates have some type of marketing experience and as an employer looking to fill those types of positions that’s exactly what you’re looking for. As an employer screens the applications, the worst part is being bombarded with underqualified candidates with zero experience. This is not a regular issue when recruiting from AffJobs. Now although Affjobs is marketed towards affiliates they do cover the whole marketing industry and have qualified candidates in every sector of marketing. I have personally seen companies recruiting for all types of marketing jobs through Affjobs.

Another plus to recruiting with Affjobs is you can get access to over 5,000 subscribers through the STM newsletter and over 2,000 active affiliates through the STM forum. In addition, you can promote through Affjobs social media and STM accounts as well. Overall big attraction to recruiting with Affjobs is the quality candidates. As you know it doesn’t matter that you reach 1 million people if none of them are qualified to do the job efficiently.

Even If you already have had some success using other job boards, it’s worth giving Affjobs a shot simply for the fact of being able to have access to skilled individuals at cheaper rate than other online job boards. Now I can’t say for sure that the inexpensive job listing price will always be so low, but I do imagine in only a few years time the price will increase as the business continues to grow. Do yourself and your company a favor and start hiring through Affjobs now while the price is still low. Here is a price comparison chart below for some popular online job boards versus Affjobs.

Affjobs Price Comparison ChartIf You Want To Hire The Marketing Industry’s Best Candidates Recruit With Affjobs

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Have you used Affjobs before as an employer or a job seeker? If so, please leave a comment of your experience below. All thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

2 Replies to “What Is Affjobs?”

  1. Hi there! I just finished reading your article about Aff Jobs and just wanted to say thanks.

    I have not heard of this website before, so it was very interesting to learn about this. I’ve been working online as an affiliate marketers for some years now and I would love to do it professionally.

    I think Aff Jobs is one of those sites that I will keep on checking back with. You never know when the right job might pop up!


    1. Hey Andrew thanks for the comment and I like the Pop Up pun you put in there lol. Yea it seems like Affjobs could become a big deal at some point in the near future and it doesn’t hurt for us affiliate marketers to pay attention to it an join the job board. You never know when a great opportunity will “Pop Up”.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article! 

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