The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks For Beginners

Understanding Affiliate Promotions


As an affiliate marketer myself I know that everyone in this industry is in it for one main reason. Money, cash, denero, Mula. Well you get the picture. Now in order to make the most money you need to have great affiliate networks to utilize. As a beginner in affiliate marketing there are so many networks to choose from it can be very overwhelming. Don’t make the mistake by joining a ton of networks when you first start out. Pick quality networks over quantity. All you need is a handful of quality networks and you will be off to a good start. However if you do join too many networks it’s fine you don’t actually have to use them. Just try to focus on the ones in this article and a couple others that you like.

When starting out one of the first questions you have is what are the best affiliate marketing networks for beginners? When you first start out your options may be limited and you will usually need to have a website that you own. If you don’t have a website yet that’s okay I can help you out if you continue reading. I give the answer to this below in a moment. Affiliate networks are usually always free to join but some networks will make you submit an application for review while others will instantly approve you.

PPS-There are different types of payout models when promoting an affiliate program. A common form is PPS (Pay Per Sale) also referred to as CPS (Cost Per Sale). PPS models are paid out after a sale is made through your affiliate link and is can be a high commission percentage rate.

CPA-This payout model results in the affiliate getting paid because a certain action taken by a potential customer who uses you affiliate links such as a referral or a lead. Most actions for example include form submits, clicks, impressions, opt-ins, registrations, or sign-ups. The payout percentages are much smaller for CPA’s versus Pay Per Sale’s because they involve more risk and don’t necessarily rely on a sale to receive a payout.

Before You Start Choosing Networks…

Realize quote

Below I have listed the best affiliate marketing networks for beginners to use. Even if you don’t have a single page of content yet its good to have a website. At least before you begin this process. You need a solid foundation before you can build something great. You don’t necessarily need a site if you have a big social media following or wish to pay money for specific ads right away. Honestly though If you only go that route you will be limiting your self immensely. Having as many avenues for online income as possible is key so get yourself a website and a hosting service. You can do all of this for free like I did and I’ll tell you how. If you are looking for a good web hosting service I advise you check out my article “The best web hosing sites For 2018”.

If you still haven’t got your own website up and running and would like to do so and learn how to do everything in the process I can help. This is also my #1 recommended way for anyone to make money online, no matter who you are. The following link will bring you to my personal review of the program and contains all the info you need to know with proof of why its so great. I also give anyone who joins through me some free bonuses from me personally that are not offered anywhere else. To learn ro create your own websites and grow your online businesses I highly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I got my start and they are the reason I work online today. To sign up for their free membership directly you can [Click Here] (you will still receive your free bonuses from me).

The reason I strongly recommend them is because when I started out in affiliate marketing I knew absolutely nothing about creating websites. Nor did I know how to make money online whatsoever. They teach you step-by-step on how to create websites, create content, drive traffic to your sites and ultimately how to be successful online. There are many members using Wealthy Affiliate who are making a very nice living.

Now If that’s all taken care of on your end then lets get onto which affiliate networks are best for beginners shall we? Just so you know these networks are not listed in order from best to worst they are just the best ones for a beginner to start with so check them out and get a feel for them. Move onto others later on when you get some experience under your belt.

*Note: All These Recommended Affiliate Network Are Free To Join. Also, It’s A Good Idea To Join Multiple Networks Because Different Great Programs Are On Other Networks. All The Recommended Networks Below Are Worth Joining. I Have Personally Used Or Continue To Use All Of These Networks Below.

Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Now no matter what your website or niche your in being an Amazon affiliate is a great Idea. Why do you ask? Well its simple really they are widely used by people all over the world and are a highly trusted site. Another is there is a wide range of products on amazon for competitive prices no matter what your niche is. When your looking for certain types of physical or digital products to promote there’s a good chance it will be available on amazon. Another good thing about Amazon Associates is anyone can join and once your a member you can send your readers there for anything you’d like. You can without having to wait for approval to promote a certain service or product like you do with many other affiliate networks and programs .

The only downside about being new and using Amazon Associates is that after 3 months if you have not made a sale they then terminate your membership. I know it sucks and is kind of stupid especially since when you start out in affiliate marketing and creating websites it usually takes at least a couple months before things are up and starting to run smoothly. Also, most people just starting out can’t dedicate working as an affiliate marketer full-time. Unless you have a lot of money for advertising and such you will most likely not be making money right off the bat and 99% of people who tell you any different are lying (which you will find all over the internet).

The Good:

  • Free and easy sign-up
  • Many products to choose from
  • Trusted Company which ultimately leads to better conversions (If a person feels skeptical about a company they most likely will not buy from them because of the massive amounts of scams online. People are worried when buying online as well they should be.
  • You will be paid accordingly. One thing that many affiliate marketers worry about is getting scammed themselves. As an affiliate you want to make sure you’re being paid for your work in bringing the customer to that company. Some networks or companies working within those networks will scrub your commissions (lie and underpay the affiliate marketer for the leads and sales they generate for that company)
  • Low minimum payout– $10 dollar payout by direct deposit or amazon gift card although for a paper check it’s $100. This is good for beginners because you usually won’t be making a ton of money right away so It is nice to get what you do make actually made available for you to use.
  • Commission on all products bought by your leads. If someone clicks your link and goes to amazon and buys 100 other things on top of the original thing you promoted then you will also receive commission on everything they bought in that session.
  • Easy to add product pictures and details into your site.
  • Promotional Tools

The Bad:

  • 24 hour cookies– If a person clicks your link and goes to amazon but decides not to buy anything until later the next day for some reason then you will be paid nothing. But whatever they add to their cart and keep there, you will be paid on if they purchase those item within 90 days..
  • No International Payouts But…– If you make sales through your links outside of the U.S (if that’s where you’re based) then you won’t receive any commissions at all. This potentially could be a lot of money out of your pocket. However, there is a silver lining: There are ways to receive commissions from leads generated internationally. The old way is to set up an account for each individual country that you wish to receive commissions from (very time-consuming and annoying). The newer way is to use something called Onelink but it only gives you commissions for the United Kingdom Canada, Italy, France Germany, Japan, and neighboring countries. You can find more info on that [Here]. The last and easiest way to do so is through a company called Genius links. Genius links is one of the best and most popular but it costs a little money. I believe all services that do this are paid services. If you have many website visitors outside of your country then it is more than worth the expense and the service will pay for itself and then some.
  • No PayPal payouts- Payouts must be paid by either gift card which sucks, direct deposit, or through a check. If you get a check they take a decent percentage of your earnings for fees so I wouldn’t recommend that option at all.
  • Low Commissions overall– In 2017 Amazon changed their commission structure which made many affiliates very angry. Lots of people lost a lot of good money making income overnight. Amazon Is already widely used so it doesn’t hurt them much at all but is a knife in the back for those in its affiliate program. Each commission percentage is now separated by categories. For instance if you market towards video games and consoles then your commission is now a whopping 1% yea 1% but if your market is Digital Video games, luxury beauty or Amazon coins your commission is 10%, which is the highest percentage you can get from them. Here is their commission payout structure:



  • Amazon Gift Cards & Wine – 0%
  • Video Games & Video Consoles – 1%
  • Televisions – 2>%
  • PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray – 2.5%
  • Toys -3%
  • Amazon Kindle & Fire Tablets – 4%
  • Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products – 4.5%
  • Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos – 5%
  • Outdoors, Tools – 5.5%
  • Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business, Industrial Supplies – 6%
  • Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV – 7%
  • Apparel, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Watches – 7%
  • Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets, Pantry – 8%
  • Digital Video Games, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins – 10%
  • All Other Categories – 4%

To join Amazon Associates [Click Here] 



Shareasale is a great network to be a part of for a few reasons. One of them being they are extremely easy to navigate and use. This Is my favorite network so far because of its simplicity and great layout. I wish all networks looked like Shareasale in my opinion. Shareasale is hands down one of the best networks for beginners. Many advanced internet marketers use this network too. I highly recommend anyone to join. This should be one of the first networks you join as a new affiliate marketer.

Here is the low down on this network:

  • One of the top networks in the world
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accurate tools and reporting
  • Tracking
  • Easy to use for affiliates who own multiple websites
  • Partnered with Many great A+ Merchants/Programs
  • Customizable deep linking
  • $1 Refer an affiliate bonus (Not a lot but better than nothing)
  • $150 Refer a merchant commission
  • Always paid right and on time
  • And More

To join the Shareasale Network [Click Here]

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

Cj Affiliate is another one of the top networks in the world. From my experience as a beginner it can be a little difficult to navigate at first but once you get used to the network it becomes easier. I do however recommend this network for beginners regardless because there are some great programs to take advantage of here. One thing you should be aware of that I found out myself is that they do offer deep linking however if a program on their network doesn’t then you cannot do so for that specific program. Make sense? This was confusing to me at first until I found out that was the reason. Overall this is a great network for anyone.

Here’s some details for CJ Affiliate:

  • Many great programs (Bing Included)
  • Deep Linking
  • Toolbox
  • Great customer support
  • Product widgets
  • Pay per call
  • Site to store
  • Lead generation
  • Tracking
  • Transaction Monitoring in real time
  • And more

To join The CJ Affiliate Network [Click Here]


Viglink logo

Viglink Is another great network with many great programs as well as something extra. You need to join this program and I’ll tell you why. They automatically monetize all outbound links. This means Viglink will still get you money on any links you have to external sites that are not already your affiliate links! Yes it’s pretty awesome. Any links that are already affiliate links are not effected. As a blogger, this is a great way to make easy money. Viglink has helped over 2 million publishers become an e-commerce business. They are also partnered with vcommission and Effinity. This is an amazing network that I’m surprised I didn’t know about sooner! You would think a network this great that also monetizes your outbound links would be one of the first networks you hear of. For me unfortunately it wasn’t. Viglink is great and I highly recommend them to beginners and everyone else with a website.

Some additional details on Viglink:

  • Great for beginners
  • Great for bloggers/any website owner
  • Automatically monetizes outbound links so you make extra money
  • Viglink keeps 25% and you earn 75% of any commission you receive from when they monetize your links.
  • Easy setup, they offer a plugin as well but you don’t need it.
  • PayPal payouts
  • Many great quality programs found nowhere else
  • Gives more info to your audience while creating income for yourself
  • And much more

I highly recommend this Network to all beginners. To join The Viglink Network [Click Here]


Clickbank logo

ClickBank is another good network that is extremely popular and well-known. It was actually the very first network I joined, While ClickBank has many good programs to promote it also has a ton of bad ones as well. That being said do your research before promoting a program, don’t just promote something because it pays handsomely. I and others that I have talked to agree that the navigation is very tricky when you first start. I recommend you watch this short YouTube video first on how to navigate ClickBank if you choose to join. It will save you a lot of time. Other than it needing an update, all around this network is good. I’ve heard the refund return rate can be pretty high but that’s only with the bad products which is to be expected anywhere. There are many things to promote on ClickBank that are not available for promotion anywhere else. It;s worth joining this network.

Some additional details for ClickBank are:

  • Many E-books and other digital product promotions
  • Very high commission offers
  • Tracking & Promotional Tools
  • Well known and one of the oldest networks around
  • Supports multiple languages, meaning you can promote the same product in different languages
  • Very easy to sign up and promote. Before I started an affiliate marketing training program I signed up with them and promoted a few products on Craigslist. (I did very poorly since I was not educated correctly.)
  • Low minimum payouts. Payouts can start at $10. As a new affiliate this is crucial since you want to receive what you work for as quickly as possible.


To join ClickBank’s affiliate network [Click Here]


JvZoo logo

I haven’t used JVZoo much to be honest but I do like the layout and have done my research on them just like every other network on this list. JVZoo is however one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks in the world. One this that helps differentiate JvZoo from other networks is instant payout of commissions to your PayPal account. I like this network better than ClickBank. Get more info in the details below

Here’s some of what you need to know about JVZoo:

  • Instant payouts to PayPal
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Beautiful layout
  • Great customer service for both buyers and sellers
  • JvZoo is integrated with the online affiliate forum Warrior Forum
  • As a merchant JvZoo will send your buyers any bonuses you wish. This makes the process much easier.
  • JvZoo uses cookies for its own web links. So check this out upon joining.
  • Many great and crap products to promote so RESEARCH what you wish to promote first!

All in all JvZoo is a great network for any beginner. To join the JvZoo’s network [Click Here]



TravelPayouts logo

Travel Payouts is a great network but one that I would specifically recommend to travel niche affiliates. Although, if you ever plan to promote anything in the travel industry then this network is a great place to start. They have 3 different travel related search engines. These are Jetradar, Avisales, and Hotellook. They have a mobile app that if your visitors download and use then you receive commissions for a full year from their reservations. Cool right! It is also the fastest and easiest network I ever signed up for I couldn’t believe it. No verification, no long forms, none of that! As soon as you put click join your signed up. Literally took me a few seconds. I was amazed!

Facts on TravelPayouts:

  • The easiest network I’ve ever signed up with
  • Best travel network in the world
  • Multiple ways to receive commissions
  • Mobile App for customers that you benefit from when your visitors use it
  • Beautiful website dashboard
  • Easy navigation
  • Quality promotional tools
  • Tracking, Click thru rate, all the analytics you need

It takes a few seconds to join TravelPayouts and to join just [Click Here]


Wowtrk logo

WOWTRK is the fastest growing affiliate network in the world right now. They are constantly improving and easy to use. They are a trusted network and have many available offers for affiliates. If you’re looking to switch up the basic offers you see from other networks then WOWTRk is a great place to look. You will not be disappointed with this network for sure,

More about WOWTRK

  • Fastest growing Network at this time
  • Great customer service
  • Fast and easy sign up
  • Global network with offers everywhere but highly known and sought after in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.
  • Specialize in CPA and CPL offers
  • Promotional tools, tracking, and banners. Everything affiliates need.
  • Payouts in PayPal, check or bank wire

Overall its worth looking into WOWTRK they are a solid program that many affiliates/publishers love. You can join the WOWTRK Network if you [Click Here]

So There You Have it!

man in sunset

I hope in reading this you now have a better perspective on networks and join a couple that interest you. The info I give you in my articles is to truly help you get make the right choice and make your life easier as an affiliate marketer. Take a look around this site and read a few articles that interest you if you haven’t done so already. You are sure to find something on that can benefit you in one way or another.

If you are struggling as an affiliate marketer and it seems like no matter what you do nothing works then I have an answer for that as well. Remember that Program I was talking about in the beginning of this article where you can create and host your free websites? Well that is also a training program for affiliate marketers. It’s a one of a kind service that will educate you on every aspect of the business and connects you with thousands of very successful affiliate marketers who can help you along the way.

stop struggling let me help

Stop struggling to make money online and actually do it. Too many other programs promise the world and don’t deliver. Check out my review and find out everything you need to know about why this program is so special. I honestly wouldn’t be here without it. i myself tried to create an online business in the past and failed. I didn’t fail for a lack of hard work or dedication but I failed for one simple reason. That reason is I did not have the proper education I needed in order to succeed online. I had no clue what to do!

It has always been my belief that pretty much anyone can do almost anything if they have the proper training and the will to succeed. Same goes for affiliate marketing. You may already know a few things and that’s great but this program will take you to the next level I’m 100% sure of it. Everything you need to know is here within my review where you can also sign up. I give you my personal bonuses as well if you decide sign up so [Click Here] and see for yourself!

Like always, I encourage anyone to leave a comment. If you feel there is a network that should be on this list then tell me what it is and why. If you’ve had previous success with any of these networks please leave a comment of your experiences. Thank you.

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