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Hello and welcome to My Affiliate Help! This article is about how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners or anyone for that matter and the real truth about it. The more you read my articles the more you see that I truly do have my reader’s best interest in mind and I always deliver honest quality content to my audience.

*Video of me included on this subject below. If you prefer to watch content over reading it then this video is for you!

If I over simplify things here that is only because I want everyone reading this to understand the process involved when learning affiliate marketing.

Do you want to learn how to become your own boss? Then you’re in the right place because that’s what affiliate marketing boils down to. Looking for a basic walkthrough on “what is affiliate marketing?” I have that available for you on my homepage but I advise you to read this first.

*Note: If you’re not the reading type I made a brief summary with the important links at the bottom of the page but if your serious about being an affiliate marketer I recommend that you read the whole article for your own benefit. One thing to be aware of though is that you will have to read a lot if you want to be successful in this industry so get used to it.

I am not here to sell you anything just to give you the facts about learning affiliate marketing, where to learn affiliate marketing and the best ways to learn affiliate marketing. What you will learn in here are the things I wish I was told when I started out. This is why I’m telling you the truth whether or not it’s what you want to hear.

*Here’s The awesome video to help get you started!

For me and many others “how to learn” is one of the first things that someone who wants to get started in affiliate marketing searches for. I know from personal experience I had to browse through many pages of content to get the basic information I needed. Many websites will be quick to tell you what affiliate marketing is but don’t really explain how to learn affiliate marketing very well in my opinion. By the time you’re done reading this you will know everything you need to know about learning affiliate marketing and be able to begin your journey to really making money online if you choose to do so.

#1 Way How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

computer dreams

Okay so as someone interested in becoming their own boss learning affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do so with little to no financial investment on your part. Where do you begin? Well you already started the learning process since you found this website. Now the next thing you need to do is join an affiliate marketing training program.

I will recommend the best affiliate marketing training program where I got my start working online later in this article. I want you to leave here with all the knowledge you need to help lead you toward success. Trust me this will make your journey much easier so continue reading.

A training program is so crucial because if you do not do this you are just begging for failure. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer do not try to just “wing it” on your own. If you do that you will fail time and time again. Not for a lack of trying or hard work but because you’re not working smart enough and don’t know the basics to build off of to become successful. The most important thing when starting is joining the right training program otherwise you are wasting your time.

One thing I heard recently from someone who is extremely successful at this was that 99% of people will fail at affiliate marketing because of a few simple things but mainly because of what they’re not willing to do. Those things are what it takes to be successful. Meaning that you must be willing to do what most people are not to make it in this industry.

Things such as investing in your education, learning as much as you can and taking the time to create quality content, among other things. A lot of people hear they should have there own website in order to do well at this and that’s it for them. They quit. They throw in the towel before even trying. Within the training program that I’m a part of, all this taken care of for you. You don’t need to know how to do a single technical thing when it comes to computer code or anything like that. You can choose to learn it along the way but you don’t have to. (I haven’t)$100 bill

There are many online affiliate training programs but most of them are complete crap!

You need to join the best ones if you’re going to hit the ground running. The one I’m going to recommend teaches you everything you need to know literally step by step.

There are people in there 80s that are using this program that are very successful. That is not an exaggeration either! You will see them if you decide to join and you can ask them yourself.

Another great thing about this program is you can earn while you learn. It’s part of the training structure. You do a lesson then implement what you learned in that lesson into your work. It really is the best way to learn affiliate marketing. You can start making money while you are moving along through the training.

The Best part is the training program is free to join and you can use it for free as long as you like. Everything you need to have is in that one place. Web hosting for your website, affiliate training, free domains and much more is  all in this online program. Each person has their own individual profile and you can network and learn from other successful affiliate marketers as well. There are around 1 Million members in this program. People from all over the world.

Networking within the program is how I know people in their 80’s are successful using it in case you were wondering.  Bottom line is if they can do it so can you. There is no secret to becoming successful. Honestly if you just follow the program and do the other things I am telling you then you will be successful.

Being a successful affiliate marketer doesn’t happen overnight just like being successful at anything in life doesn’t happen that way either.

Once you join an affiliate training program you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive but do not let this demoralize you or deter you from sticking with it. I certainly was. This is completely normal and happens to everyone. If someone says otherwise they are lying to you.

Anyone who claims affiliate marketing is really easy is lying to you and has there own agenda. I will tell you this though. It’s not rocket science and literally anyone can learn to do it. Once you learn the basics it is probably easier than your current job. One of the biggest things that stops individuals for becoming successful is they don’t want to learn or they expect immediate results so they give up. You must have patience and the will to always be learning. The first month or so will be the hardest but once you start learning and implementing what you learn it becomes second nature and is much easier.

When you start out don’t spread yourself too thin. What I mean by this is you don’t have to know everything about every topic. Start off getting decent at the basics to get you started and then later go back to the important things and master them. I’m not going to throw a bunch of fancy terms at you about the things you will learn because you have to crawl before you can run.

Use Different Sources To Learn

affiliate marketing learning sources pie chart

Now when I say this I don’t mean join many training programs because if you do that then you will end up hearing some of the same basic things again and again when you should be using your time wisely. What I mean by using different sources to learn is check out what the really successful affiliate marketers are doing as well as other things. You can learn great tips for affiliate marketing from the pros that are doing very well day after day.

Now affiliate marketing is broken down into many categories of things you will need to learn and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the biggest. I know I said I wasn’t going to throw technical terms at you but this will help you out once you get started.

One person’s blog I suggest following from time to is Neil Patel. I neither personally nor financially have any association with the guy but he is very smart when it comes to SEO and getting traffic to your website. For that reason once you get started I recommend signing up for his newsletter or at least bookmarking his blog to check it out from time to time. Once you research who he is you will understand why. I will leave a link to Neil’s blog at the bottom of this page.

Another source you should look into for learning is to see what your competitors are doing and do better than them. Say your affiliate marketing niche (small market segment) is “pet toys” for example. You would then want to use Google or other search engines to see exactly what the other websites are doing to receive visitors and rank so well (First page search results).

Look at what they are writing about, how the layout of there websites looks, what keywords they are ranking for (you will learn about this later) etc. The point is to get a feel for what they are doing that makes them successful. Now I’m not saying to copy there website what I am saying is to copy some of the tactics and methods that are working well for them and implement it into your own work.

Join An Affiliate Forum


Some new affiliate marketer never even consider joining an affiliate forum usually for one of two reasons.

  1. They’ve never heard about them
  2. They don’t think it will be useful to become a member

If The reason is number one then it’s not there fault but if it’s because they don’t think it will be useful then that is just pure ignorance. Especially if you are new to this industry then joining a forum is a great way to learn from fellow affiliates and best of all its free. I will leave a link at the bottom of the page for the best affiliate forum as well.

After you join an affiliate training program, the next thing to do is join an affiliate forum. You don’t have to start searching the forum right away though. At first, I’d advise you to begin the training program and then within your first week start checking out the forum. There is so much to learn from forums that it would be unwise not to utilize a free resource like that.


Summary of What You Need to Know and Where to Go From Here!

Okay so I will break everything down for you real quick and send you in the right direction so you can get started becoming an affiliate marketer right now if you want.

First thing to do like I said is join the best affiliate marketing training program. If you join through me you will receive multiple bonuses. This company has been around since 2005, they are always improving/updating the education of their program. It’s where I got my start and I am still a very active member. There are so many more benefits to this training program than what I wrote in this article but you will find out absolutely everything you need to know about it and can join free through here..===>> [My #1 Recommended Affiliate Training Program]      Don’t forget about my personal bonus incentives below!

My Bonuses:

  1. I will give you the free E-Book published July 2018 “Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit” via Email 
  2. I will give you additional tips that I have accumulated since my start in affiliate marketing. Some of them I found out myself and are not published anywhere online
  3. I will assist you along the way the best I can for as long as you are a member of this training program.

You Will Not Get This Type Of Offer Anywhere Else So Sign Up Free Through Me To Receive Your Extra Bonuses

Next thing is to learn from different sources such as from the pros in certain niches of affiliate marketing and your niche’s competitors once you get started. (I advise you to pick something you like or are passionate about because it makes everything much less like work since you will enjoy what you are doing)

I told you as an affiliate marketer to learn from the best and when it comes to SEO and getting traffic to your site (which is ultimately the best way you make money) the most informative blog I’ve come across and learned from so far is Neil Patel’s Blog. You can get to Neil’s blog [Here].

The last thing I have for you in this article is my recommendation on the best affiliate forum. My favorite is affiliatefix and its free. After your first week of training, I suggest you start getting involved in the forum. There is so much you can learn on here and know that you know about it you would be a fool not to at least check it out. You can get there through [Here]

The biggest thing to remember when starting out is that it takes a little while for things to get rolling in the right direction and not to be discouraged when you don’t see immediate results.

The claims from others online stating that if you join there program or buy there product you can make $1,000’s each week starting off is a straight up lie and they are scamming you.

When things sound too good to be true, they usually are. You can make $1,000’s of dollars a week or more from affiliate marketing but not right away and not without investing money at some point.

When starting off the only thing you should invest in is yourself. (meaning your education) Education that you can actually use to make money is the best investment. All the work you put in now will be rewarded 10 fold in the future but not if you give up! Many people throw in the towel too soon and that’s why they never make it. If you do what I told you to do then you will indeed see positive results.

Good luck to you. I hope to see you in the online training program I recommended. I am on there every day to create new content for my websites.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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