How To Join A Affiliate Program

Hello, In this brief article I will tell you how to join a affiliate program. I will also tell you what you need to know when joining an affiliate program and what to look out for. I will also include in this article how to find affiliate programs There are some things you need to know about affiliate programs so if you’re new to affiliate marketing make sure you read this. If you are new this site has a lot to offer and you should start with the homepage [Here] after reading this.

The homepage has a basic walkthrough for affiliate marketing as well.

How To Join Affiliate Programs

First off since you are reading this I am going to assume you’re new which is okay we all started at some point. It’s also great and I wish you good luck. Now that the pleasantries are over I’ll tell you how to join a affiliate program. In general there are these websites called affiliate networks. These websites/networks have many different individual programs that you can sign up with and track your statistics through.

Affiliate networks are a good choice to join for a couple reasons. One reason being that you can join multiple affiliate programs on one website and also you can track your statistics through the affiliate network. You also get paid through the networks so if you have many programs that you’re getting commissions from then you get everything deposited from that network.

It makes it much easier than trying to keep track of 20+ different affiliate programs that you’re promoting that are outside of networks. Making money from networks really simplifies the process. It also saves you a ton of time form  re-entering all your information while applying to individual affiliate programs.

Trust me it takes a lot of time if you’re applying to many programs. Don’t get me wrong though because some of the best affiliate programs are outside of the main affiliate networks and are run in-house. Meaning that the company runs and manages their own affiliate program that’s not included in an affiliate network.

Now sometimes an affiliate program is in both available on an affiliate network and also on the company’s own website. An example of this would be you can sign up for’s affiliate program through their website or through the Travel Payouts Network. Travel Payouts is a great affiliate network for travel if that’s your niche it’s worth joining.

Other programs will have an option to join their company’s program on their own website but then they direct you to sign up through an affiliate network. Here’s an example of this: WP Engine’s affiliate program (which is a high paying affiliate program) is available on their website and it instantly brings you to the Shareasale network where you can create a free account.

Most affiliate networks and programs are free to join. I personally haven’t come across one that isn’t free.

Now one thing to realize that for almost all affiliate programs you will need your own website to join. In order to have a website you need somewhere to host it. This is called web hosting. There are places where free web hosting is available. If you don’t have a website and would like to get free web hosting then check out my article “The Best Web Hosting Sites For 2018” The number one web hosting service is actually free to use and I use it myself.

Some affiliate programs will not let you join unless you have many current customers or visitors, while other programs don’t require any criteria and you are approved instantly. When applying for any program it usually takes 1-3 days to get approved and you can get your affiliate links (Links you use on your website or social media/other means to drive customers to a specific business so you can make a commission).

Sometimes approval is instant it all depends on the individual programs. The same goes for any programs you apply for in affiliate networks. In every affiliate network you must apply to the individual programs that you want to join.

Here’s a screenshot of the Shareasale Network dashboard for affiliate programs. There is a search bar available to search for programs but its cut out of the picture. Shareasale is a great network to be a part of. It’s very easy to use and is currently my favorite network because of that reason. I highly recommend the Shareasale Network to anyone especially beginners.

Shareasale dashboardHere’s a screenshot of what shows up when you click join program.

Shareasale join affiliate program


How To Find Affiliate Programs

A question many beginners ask is how to find affiliate programs. It is actually very easy. You can search for individual programs through any affiliate networks in their site’s search bar. The networks will also usually have new affiliate program offers or hot affiliate program offers. Every network is different.

You can also use a search engine like Bing or Google and enter in the search bar: [company/products name + Affiliates] Or [company/products name followed by affiliate program]. Here’s a screenshot example.

affiliate programs search screenshotHere’s another:

Affiliate program search screenshot exampleIn these examples I used the niche category(Market that your in) for the search but you can use a specific company that you want to promote as well.

These are the best ways to search for programs but you must remember not all companies have affiliate programs.

If you are looking for the highest paying affiliate programs for 2018 then check out this article [Click Here]

There will be a highest paying affiliate programs article for each of the most popular niche categories Be sure to check out what the best paying affiliate programs are for your niche.

Things You Need To Know About Affiliate Programs

  • All programs pay different so if you have two similar ones and have to choose just one then make sure you pick the one with that will make you the most money. For example:
    • Highest commission rate
    • Longer Cookies (how long your link stays on a visitors computer/device after they click your link)
    • Best Service or Product
  • When you join a affiliate program there may be one product/service for you to promote or many products/services to promote within that program and they all may have different commission structures
  • If search for a company affiliate program on Google for example and don’t see any results then go directly to the company’s main website, and look through their menus or scroll to the very bottom of the page and look for the word affiliates or affiliate programs.
  • Choose and promote only good products/services. Don’t promote anything that you don’t believe in or that isn’t worth the money. Many people promote terrible products DON’T BE ONE OF THEM! You will build trust and recurring visitors/customers if you are honest. Building trust with your audience is crucial for a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Training

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