How To Get Higher Ranking On Google

To put it bluntly anyone and everyone who has a website wants to be found by the masses. Period. Why is that exactly? Well because what’s the point of putting your time, energy, and hard-earned money into building a website, if nobody even knows that it exists. In order for your website to be found online by complete strangers, you need to get your website on search engines. The big question for many ask about is how to get higher ranking on Google, This is a must-have for anyone looking to do any type of business online. Keep reading and bring your website out of the dark and into the light so everyone can see it.

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How To Get My Site Listed On Google, Bing, And Other Search Engines For Free-(And Raise Rankings)

If you’re just starting out with your online business chances are you don’t have a lot of money to invest into your website. If you do then great but for those of us that can’t quite afford to pour money into online startups I’m here to help. The big upside to not having money to place ads for your website is that on search engines, 90% of people click on organic links (normal websites with no ad to get top results) and the other 10% of people click on the paid ads (top search results where you see AD next to the web page URL). There are easy free ways to get indexed on Google, you just have to know what to do to get noticed. The main goal is to get your content indexed within the first three pages of Google, Bing, etc. If you are not ranked within the top 3 pages than it is as if your website’s content doesn’t exist it is sad but true. The 2018 statistics for clicks on pages are the following.

  • 1st page receives 91.5% of clicks per searches
  • 2nd page receives 4.8% of clicks per searches
  • 3rd page receives .1.1% of clicks per searches

Here is a list of ways to get your website indexed on Google for free and how to raise your current website’s ranking on search engines as well.

1. Have Engaging Content On Your Website (This Is Huge!!!)

    • New data has shown that the amount of time you spend on a website, the rate at which you bounce around on that site, and the number of pages that are visited while on that site has a drastic impact on your rankings. The more of these things that happen on your website than ultimately the higher your ranking will be and the more it happens the more it will continue to rise. Simple right? This is actually more important that the content on your website believe it or not. That being said make sure your content is engaging, user-friendly and organized. The chances are if your site is hard to navigate than people will just move on to another website, it happens all the time. Just think about yourself and how you would want the website to be and look if you were the visitor. If you approach it from that point of view than your golden.
    • Like I already said make your content engaging. Write your articles and posts as if you’re talking to an audience because well, you actually are. Try to make your content as interesting as possible but keep it legit and valuable because no matter how interesting something comes off as, if it doesn’t add value to your readers than they will go elsewhere. Remember the reason people are on your website it to find valuable information that they are searching for. Don’t fake it, be sincere in what you write. Everything you do doesn’t have to be perfect but don’t scam your readers and waste their time. If you do then they most likely will never visit your website again.

2. Use Low Competition Keywords In Your Articles/Blog Post’s Title

    • This is a very effective way to get indexed on google for free and anyone with experience does this daily. When you write content, if you use a title that has a lot of competition by 1,000’s of other sites then your title will not rank within the top 3 pages. Having a title that ranks is an important aspect to getting ranked and receiving traffic because when someone is searching for something they will notice their search corresponds to the title of an article and because of that they are more likely to click your site since they could get valuable information on what they’re searching for. Now if a person just sees part of a sentence in your website’s content that matches their search a person is not as likely to click on that if there is a more relevant website that has a title with the same search as they were looking for. The best way to know what keywords are low competition and worth your pursuit is to use a Keyword research tool. My go to and favorite Keyword tool is [Jaaxy] which you can use for free.

jaxxy screenshotThis is a zoomed in screenshot of Jaaxy’s keyword search section. I only showed the first keyword in order to save screen space.

The point is if you use a broad Keyword phrase like “how to make money online” it is widely used meaning you will have a lot of competition and a lower chance of ranking. Yes, there are a lot of average searches for “how to make money online” the QSR # is 176.the QSR number of competing websites on Google using the exact same keyword. What to look for in a keyword search is an average number over 30 and a QSR number under 100. The exception here is if your website already has great authority (widely used) than this would be fine keywords to use and you could rank well and receive a lot of traffic.

jaaxy keyword screenshot






This is a better keyword choice to get a higher ranking in google. It has an average # over 30 and a QSR # under 100. The SEO # is a 94 out of 100 also so if you chose this keyword phrase then you have a great chance of ranking high on Google. Obviously don’t just add any type of content to your website, make sure it is relevant.


3. Incorporate The “Alphabet Soup Method” To Find Keywords That People Are Searching For Google screenshot

This is a neat trick that I learned from the affiliate program I use called [Wealthy Affiliate]. During its training lesson on Keyword Research, they show you how to utilize Google’s search bar to your own advantage.

If you look at the picture to the right you can see that as you type something into Google you will see other words start to pop up below. Those are the searched words in that sequence. So if you’re looking for an idea to write content on you can look down the list and see what the most popular searches are.

From this example, in the picture, it might be a good Idea to write an article on ” how to make money” if it is relevant to your website or “how to make french toast” if you had a website relevant to food or cooking. That is an excellent way to see what people are searching for online and it is completely free to do. One thing to realize when doing this though is that there will likely be a lot of competition for those keywords so in order to benefit from this method it would be smart to use a Keyword Research tool like [Jaaxy] as well.

jaaxy screenshot

This is a partial screenshot of the alphabet soup application that comes with Jaaxy. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. It comes in handy when looking for keywords to use. Check out my personal review on the best keyword research tools for SEO by clicking on any of the Jaaxy Links, where I tell you how all about it and how to get it along with other great keyword research tools.

4. Put quotation marks around your possible title’s keywords in google search to see how many competing websites there are for that exact set of keywords.


    • This is another effective way to find and eliminate high competitive keywords in your search for a good title/content that ranks in Google, Bing, etc.Google screenshot how to make money online


    • So if you look at the picture where I highlighted you will see that it appears there are 1,150,000 websites competing with those exact set of keywords. It seems like it would be unwise to title your next article “how to make money online” because you will not get ranked if there are over 1 million results which would make you think your website will most likely not be seen. (THIS IS WRONG) To find the true results using this method


Google screenshot



See how in the screenshot it page 19 of 190 results. Now that is your true QSR number. So the 1 million results are not “really” your competition and you can rank using an article with this type of Keyword research.

Unless your website already has authority meaning it is already ranked and has a ton of traffic than posting an article title that has a QSR score or a true search result of over 400 is not a good choice. From the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate ideally you want that number to be under 300 or 400 tops. Now once in a while, it is ok to go above that but to increase your ranking following these guidelines is a safe bet.  Now we are talking about only getting your title’s keyword to rank. There is a more natural way that your website will get ranked which I explain more thoroughly in the article linked above.^

5.Get Your Website Speed As Fast As Possible!!!

This is a very important aspect of getting ranked high on Google. Google is now ranking the fastest websites higher up on the search results. It’s now proven that a faster website keeps more traffic, coverts more traffic and ultimately makes more money$$$. For a more in-depth review on how to speed up your website and how important it is that you do so read===>>>>> How To Make My Website Load faster-6 Simple Ways

6. Make sure you link your posts/pages to other posts/pages to another part of your website.(KEY TO RANKING)

    • Why is this important you ask? This is one of the best ways to rank on google or any search engine. The reasoning behind doing this is because if your web pages don’t link to content within your site than Google looks at it as if you don’t value the content on your own website then why should they? Makes sense right? This is a mistake a lot of beginners make by only placing links on their website that go out to other places. Google and others will see you as an affiliate website that is only trying to send their traffic to companies to make money and will not see your content as valuable meaning they won’t rank your site. Simple enough to wrap your head around right? If you do this regularly your rankings in all search engines will skyrocket.

7. Last but definitely not least, make sure you put your title keyword within the first few paragraphs of your article/post.

  • That’s it simple enough but very effective. If you do this you will be on Google’s good list. Now you don’t have to place your keyword 50 times throughout your content. If you go overboard Google and friends might hold it against you and it could hurt your rankings

If you want to raise your websites rank in Google or any other search engine than implement the tips I laid out for you above when creating your site’s content. If you happen to be still struggling to get Indexed then if you follow my advice you will certainly be Indexed in no time. Just remember that it can take a week or longer before your new content shows up on Google and other search engines. Put the work in and be patient, you will do just fine. If you would like to get trained for free by the best affiliate program in the industry

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