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There a few different ways to create your own website free and in this article you will find out exactly how to do so and the best places to do it. Since these days there are many places to create free websites it’s not the question of how to create a website free but where to do so. Why do you ask? Well It’s simple really because you want to be able to succeed with your website after you create it right? After you read this article you will know the best place to create your free website and why.

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When I decided to create my free website for the first time I just used WordPress which turned out to be a bad decision. Not because WordPress is a bad program to create free websites but because i didn’t know what to do other than how to write my content. This is bad because what’s the point of creating a free website if people never see it? I started off years ago by just creating a free WordPress account and tried to things on my own but went nowhere at all.

I learned that the hard way but the good news is you don’t have to. Learn from my mistake so that when I tell you how to create free websites you can do it the right way. In this article I will show you the best way to create a website for free. If you take my advice you will do well and have a much better chance to succeed than if you were to attempt to create websites on your own.

*If you prefer to watch content rather than read it then you can watch me explain why this is the best way to create your free site in this short video.

Best Place To Create Your Own Free Website And Succeed

When I decided to start an online business and learn how to create my website for free for the second time I came across a valuable program. I got lucky finding this program because the first time I tried to create a free website I succeeded in actually creating the website but went nowhere with it so I gave up. I failed. I called it quits and threw in the towel. I was done. The reason I quit was because even though I did successfully create a free website I didn’t really know what to do with it. I had no idea how to customize it and ultimately I had no clue how to get visitors to my website. Without any visitors it is as if your website doesn’t even exist.

The free program I found to create my free website was Wealthy Affiliate and they offered more than I ever could’ve wealthy affiliate bannerimagined. At Wealthy Affiliate once your signed up for free it literally takes only 30 seconds to create your free website. Yes that wasn’t a typo it only takes 30 seconds!

It truly is amazing. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites that are web hosted by them on free site rubix domains and it gets better. Not only do they do that for free they also give you free training on everything you need to know to get started running an online business. Yes it s all 100% free and you can use it for free for life. There is no limit or trial period for this.

The reason it is free is because Wealthy Affiliate is more so directed as a training program for anyone who wants to learn how to run their own online business. They offer the basic training, websites and web hosting along with much more for free because they want you to upgrade to their premium service but you never have to. It’s totally up to you, but if you are serious about making money online and creating your own website business then upgrading to a premium membership down the road is something you should strongly consider.

I did everything I could at Wealthy affiliate for free then decided to upgrade because of the huge amount of value they offer to their premium members. It’s honestly unmatch when it comes to online business training. They don’t give you all these outrageous claims like you see from all these internet scammers on how to make money online they only tell you the truth and more than deliver on it. They have personally exceeded my expectations and I honestly think I will always be a member. Now yes you could say I’m a little bias because I’m with them but I only tell you all this because If you do want to create your own free website and be successful online then I want you to give you the best possible chance at that.

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Like I said before you can create a free website in many places but none of them offer what Wealthy Affiliate does. I only wish I had found this program years ago when I made my first website that failed miserably. It’s okay though because at least I found them and you know how life is. You live and you learn.

if you want to create your own free website then Wealthy affiliate is hands down your best bet no matter who you are. If you can read and type then you can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate. The Choice is totally up to you.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate (Free or Premium) you will be using WordPress websites which is great because they are the best in my opinion and easy to use (once you learn what to do). WordPress is so popular right now. it is used by 31.3% of all websites in the world! That’s a huge percentage.


If you join Wealthy Affiliate to create your free site I will personally give you some additional bonuses that don’t come with the free membership. Why would I do this you ask? Well I’ll be honest with you like I always am with my readers. I have an incentive to get you to join. That incentive is if you join through me and ever decide to upgrade your membership (Which you never have to) then I make a small commission. For that reason it is in my best interest that you do sign up through me and want to be successful so you do decide to upgrade at some point in the future,

Many people would not tell you this but I believe being honest with my audience is the right thing to do.That way they understand where I’m coming from.

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There is no other offer like this out there and I truly do have your best interest in mind. When it comes to this program you have no excuse not to join because you literally have nothing to lose. There’s no credit card info taken and no contracts.

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