How to Check Keyword Competition in Google

What I’m going to show you is just a simple way to do part of your own keyword research with Google. One important part of free keyword research is that you know how to check keyword competition in Google. If you already have a keyword research tool then you don’t need this training but its always good to know and if for some reason you no longer have access to a keyword research tool then you can use this method.

The reason I say you shouldn’t do this if you have a good keyword research tool is because this method is more time-consuming. One great thing about this method is its 100% accurate. The reason it is 100% accurate is because you are pulling the data directly of the search engine. Instead of doing this tho I highly recommend the research tool [Jaaxy]. I use it every day and am a huge fan. If you would like to see my article on the best keyword research tool for SEO [Click Here].

How to Find the True QSR # for Your Keyword

In order to find the true QSR number (number of websites with competing keyword) you must first type your selected keyword into Google but the keyword must be in “quotations”.How to make money online Alphabet Soup Google search

As you can see in the picture this is an example and it shows 1,150,000 results. At first like many of you I though damn how can I compete with that? Thankfully that is not the true QSR.

Google page screenshot

Now the next step is to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the furthest page that Google allows you to see. In this example you would click page # 10 then continue to page # 20 etc. You do this step until you reach the very last page.

Now that you made it to where your true QSR # is, hooray!!Last page of Google true QSR number

This is only available on the very last page of your Google search. As you can see it says page 19 of 190 results. Now that number 190 is your true QSR number. That number is below 300 – 400 so you can use it and have a chance at decent chance at getting ranked. Now if you have a newer website the best QSR number to look for is one that is under 100.

Google screenshot last page QSR number








Here is a screenshot of the bottom part of the last page which also shows your true QSR number. If you look at the top of the image it says “we have omitted some entries very similar to the 190 already displayed”. That pretty much means that out of the 1 million plus original search result for that keyword only 190 are actually competing websites so don’t worry about the original number of over 1 million because that is irrelevant.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you out. I know at first this was very confusing to me until I was taught how to do it and interpret keyword competition on Google. Like I said, in the beginning, this is meaningless to do if you have a good keyword research tool already. If you have one just stick to that If not you can try Jaaxy’s for [FREE HERE]

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