Highest Paying Affiliate Programs-Quality Programs For Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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This Article Covers The Highest paying Affiliate Programs For: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

As an Affiliate marker the goal is obviously to make money but not just that. It’s to make as much money as possible and reach as many people as possible to get recognition and keep that money flowing into your bank accounts. It might sound easy but if you have any length of experience in affiliate marketing then you know making money as an affiliate marketer can be quite difficult at least at first before you get your individual methods perfected.

Even if you have many subscribers to your website or blog and receive a lot of consistent traffic you may be making missing out on extra money you could have made elsewhere. By elsewhere I mean through a higher paying affiliate program. If you already have your campaign strategies down pat and working good then you might want to ditch your low commission affiliate programs and swap replace them with the highest paying affiliate programs you can find that are similar to what you are promoting.

If you don’t have a niche content website then you can always just move on to the highest paying affiliate programs easily by promoting them through your preferred choice of marketing. In this article I show you the highest paying affiliate programs and a simple method to deciding which ones to promote. The method is pretty simple and obvious but good to know for any beginner in affiliate marketing. To find out the highest paying affiliate programs read continue reading.

Compare Commission Payouts for Similar Merchants


This is a simple but effective way to up raise your earnings as an affiliate marketer, Whatever you are currently promoting on your niche website or elsewhere search Google or another search engine for alternative affiliate program for that particular type of product or service. It’s a very simple but effective way to increase your affiliate earnings. Search for a high paying affiliate program that matches the category you’re promoting. Easy enough right?

When doing this their are a couple things to keep in mind though. Yes we all want to join affiliate programs with high commissions but if the product or service is terrible you may earn more money in a short period of time but ultimately damage your credibility in the eyes of your target audience. This is something you don’t want to do whatsoever. The goal is to build a trust relationship with your target audience overtime not to destroy it so if you start promoting high paying affiliate products for a quick buck that are horrible you will be losing money and repeat customers in the long run which obviously is not good. It’s cheaper to sell something to an existing customer than it is to a new one. This is a widely known fact and is important to remember when choosing your affiliate programs. You want quality over quantity especially if you own a content website or blog. All it takes is one bad recommendation and you could potentially lose out on many subscribers/readers that have been following your advice for a while. Always keep this in mind when choosing what to promote.

Once you Find a legitimate higher paying affiliate program that can be used to replace your currently promoted product/service then make the switch and see the extra dollars start to roll in each month. That is an easy and effective way to increase your revenue as an affiliate marketer.

Now on to the highest paying affiliate programs so you can benefit more for your hard work as a marketer.

The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Now obviously their are thousands of different category markets and thousands of affiliate programs but these are the highest paying affiliate programs overall, each in It’s own category.

Business, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Affiliate Programs



3% lifetime commissions of any affiliate you refer. Now 3% might not seem like much but once you start referring other affiliates and they do well through this affiliate network that money will add up and overtime and always stay with you for as long as they use the network. For example if you refer WOWTRK to one great affiliate marketer who does very well and say earns $100,000 dollars in a year through this network then you get 3,000 from that one affiliate referral without any continuous effort on your part. Another example if you get say 50 other affiliates to sign up and they average $20,000 dollars a year in sales through the WOWTRK network then you get $30,000 dollars that year. Now this is possible to accomplish and worth the pursuit.

WOWTRX is the fastest growing affiliate network in the world and has incentives for It’s affiliates as I just mentioned. They have merchants available in many different industries to cover whatever markets you desire to promote available in multiple countries around the world. They only started in 2007 but are going to be around for many years to come. They currently have over 10,000 affiliates and are constantly growing. My advice is to get in now and start promoting products and referring as many other affiliates as you can to compound your earnings.

This is one of my favorite kind of commission structures. If I ever come across an article that that has these types of commission payouts I never have a problem with helping the author out and going through their links. Why? Because if someone writes an article that helps me on my personal journey to making money I have no problem helping them make money as well. It’s not like I am the one paying them or losing money. The author just receives money from the company so they do well when I do well It’s a win win.

To join the WOWTRK network [Click Here]


shopify logo

One of the highest commission payouts online. It’s easier to refer customers to Shopify because they are a trusted company and they offer a 14-day free trial. Free trials are always nice for the affiliate and help sway the potential customers to trying out a particular product or service. Now everyones heard of Shopify and they offer a great affiliate program as well. I hope to have a Shopify store of my own in the near future but you don’t want to hear that so let me hit you with the statistics. For the standard affiliate referral they give a 200% commission for the first user monthly subscription fee up to $598 on standard plans. So if their first monthly payment is $200 you get $400. For a referral to their enterprise plan you get 100% of their monthly subscription cost up to $2,000. If they pay $1000 per month you receive $1000.

Now their are addition ways to make money through Shopify as well you can also be a part of their Shopify Partner Referral Program. This pay scale is different and in order to do this you must make the development stores yourself and you receive recurring income from them.

As a Shopify partner or expert “You receive For each customer you refer or upgrade to Shopify Plus, you’ll earn 10% of the monthly minimum platform fees paid by the customer for Shopify Plus. After you refer four Shopify Plus stores within a calendar year, you will receive an increased revenue share of 20% for the fifth and all subsequent Shopify Plus stores referred that year”.(taken from their website)

If you can create Apps or themes, you can generate income from Shopify as well. For Apps, you earn 80% of the one-time price or recurring subscription fees for each app that you sell on the Shopify App Store”. For themes, you earn either 70% or 50% of each theme sale depending on what plan you decide to work with. If you are a developer you can potentially make a lot of money this way.

To join the Shopify affiliate program [Click Here]

WP Engine

WP Engine Banner

You can potentially earn a ton of money from this program I highly recommend them. You join through the Shareasale network which is a great affiliate network and very easy to use. Once you sign up for Shareasale you just click apply and wait a bit and you are approved. Huge commission potential and a very good web hosting company. Tier affiliate program with volume commissions. Promoting this company is easy because they are a quality service and every target audience craves quality. You earn $200 per referral or 100% of the first month’s payment, Whichever is higher is what you get. Also, for any affiliate you end up referring you will instantly receive $50 for every sale that affiliate makes for life!!! So if you refer a fellow affiliate and they make 10 sales you make an extra $500 It’s awesome.

Anytime I search the web for programs I always use the authors affiliate links that I find on their sites to help out my fellow affiliates. We are in this together the more people I can help out the better. If I can help someone out by just clicking a link to sign up for something I was already going to then why not? I also want to add at 5 sales per month incentive bonus commissions kick in and WP Engine has 180 day cookies. What’s not to love about this program?

To join WP Engine’s affiliate program [Click Here]

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate make money

I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and can personally vouch for this program as being extremely high quality. I’m actually using their content creator to write this article. To start join, their affiliate program. It’s very simple just create a free starter account and grab your affiliate links. With a free starter membership you earn $4 for special offer referrals, (which is the $19 first month promo to join) then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions (if the person you refer buys a yearly membership). Any of your starter membership referrals that upgrade to premium you receive credit for no matter when they decide to upgrade. You also earn commissions for life with Wealthy Affiliate, for as long as your referred customer stays you keep earning commissions. Personally I plan on staying for life, Wealthy Affiliate is how I got into affiliate marketing. I learned so much from them and wouldn’t even have a website if i never joined.

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you earn double the commissions (example: $23,50/mo for a premium referral, etc) that a free starter membership does. If you have a big audience I would recommend becoming a premium member to earn more money. Once you get 2 premium referrals your premium membership pays for itself at that point and every referral after that is pure profit. With a free starter membership It’s all profit but as a premium member you can earn 2x as much. Lifetime cookies as well.

One of the reasons I really like this affiliate program is the lifetime commissions and a very high percentage of the people who become premium member stay for a long time if not forever so the potential for continuous revenue off a single lead is very high. Like I said before people crave quality.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I highly recommend starting with their free starter membership and trying it out to see what they have to offer and if you like it go premium and get access to everything. The amount of affiliate marketing knowledge that place has is unreal you will learn everything you need to become a success. If your interested on joining Wealthy Affiliate for their training program or web hosting then check out my article A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. If your’re interested in using them for web hosting take a look at this article Best Web Hosting Sites I just want to add everything is included within your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

to Join the Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate program [Click Here]

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate bundles banner

Ultimate Bundles is a pretty cool affiliate program that has a lot to offer the affiliate which is always a plus for people like us. Although Ultimate Bundles does not have a ton of individual products that they sell they do offer a good value on a “bundle” of similar products to customers at discounted prices.

Everyone loves a discount so It’s easier to push these products because of that fact. They don’t just have products in the business niche but also Family and lifestyle bundle products as well. For the case of this article I will be talking about their business bundle which is “Work at Home Super Bundle”. This is comprised of many products individually worth over $1,500 for only $47 dollars for the bundle. What a steal right. The good thing about this program is It’s a legit one unlike so many other programs that offer so much and in reality deliver so little. At a price point of $47 many people can afford it as well.

They also will help you with ways to promote and offer you affiliate marketing training and tips. Like most affiliate programs this is free. This program does have a lot to offer and is worth the pursuit. Although they do not have high value ticket items you still have the potential to make a lot of money with Ultimate bundles. They also have a 30 guarantee which you can tell your potential customers about.

Now onto to the Commission Details:

  • You receive 40% of sale
  • If you contribute to their bundles and promote it you receive 70% commission
  • Refer an Affiliate and receive 5% of whatever they make
  • After selling 5 bundles you will receive a free bundle for yourself. At this point you will be able to know exactly what you are promoting for free also which is very cool if you happen to buy a bundle before you make 5 sales then once you 5 sales you get reimbursed for the money you paid (hoe awesome is that right)
  • You get any bundle for 40% off as an affiliate. There’s a lot of useful information in their bundles this is a program you can feel confident in promoting. (which are the only kinds of programs I try to promote) I believe that honesty with your readers and customers can and will go along way. I’d much rather only make a little bit of money at first and keep a customer or reader for life over making a lot by promoting a terrible product or service and losing that person forever. An honest approach is always best in my opinion.
  • Paid though PayPal monthly

To join Ultimate Bundles affiliate program [Click Here]


live plan picture

Liveplan is a software for business that is used for creating business plans as well as financial forecasts for the future. Perfect tool for any business, Financial expert or entrepreneur that wants a leg up in planning. You get $20 for every signup you refer to LivePlan. With their first month charge being around $10 that is an easy sell for what they provide to their customers. Also for every Palo Alto Software product purchase you will receive a 20% commission as well.

To sign up as an affiliate for LivePlan [Click Here]

More of the highest paying affiliate programs for business, entrepreneurs, and marketing without an extended description are:

*Note:Just because these do not have an extended description doesn’t mean they are any less of an importance in regards to high paying affiliate programs*

  • Core Spreads Partnersup to $700 per referral depending where they live and what their criteria is. They offer Spread Betting and CFD trading options to the public. receive uncapped welcome bonus worth up to 50% of their first month’s spread
  • ShareasaleWell known affiliate network. You receive $150 for every merchant you refer to Shareasale and $1.00 for every affiliate that signs up and receives at least 1 click through a link from one of their programs. I personally like using this network a lot It’s very easy to use and navigate It’s definitely by far one of my favorites at this point. Great for beginners too because of the easy use and most programs get approved instantly or within a day. All banners and links are on easy to get on one page.
  • GetResponseQuality Email marketing software(great tool for affiliates) 33%recurring commissions with 120 day cookies. High converting internet marketing materials, I cover them in my article “Tools For Affiliate Marketing
  • SiteGround– High rated web hosting service. Commissions start at $50 a sale and go all the way up to $100 per sale after 10 sales. No minimum sale payouts. Get paid on just 1 sale. Weekly payments.
  • Ninja Outreach– Email Marketing. 50% recurring commissions, have training course as well receive 50% commissions. Make up to $300 per referral each month.
  • 67 stepsPersonal mentoring program Created by Tai Lopez, medal marketing guru who also helps people run small businesses. This is his training program. Many different programs to promote. He you can earn up to $350 per referral depending on the program.
  • Instapage Landing page platform that increases conversions for businesses. Great commissions 50% for first sale and 30% thereafter. Product prices start at $79 and has 120 day cookies.
  • Credible– Refinances better deals for students loans and finds the best student loans available.Up to $240 per accepted loan referral and 45 day cookies.
  • Semrush– SEO Keyword research tool, one of the best in the industry. As an affiliate this would be a great tool to have. I use. They offer 40% recurring commissions, Bi-weelky payouts, 10 year long cookies. Very easy to sell because it truly is a great product. Many positive reviews
  • Improvely– High end software to improve and track your marketing results. 50% commission on first sale and 10% recurring monthly commission for the first year of each referral. Great quality product. Easy to promote. Program is available through the Shareasale network.


So Now What?

Well now that you have list of the highest paying affiliate programs for business, entrepreneurship and marketers get to work. Do what works best for you and of course brings in the most money in the process. We all want as much money as possible for the work we put in and using these programs I have mentioned will do just that. This is where I leave you but be sure to check out my other articles as they become available for the highest paying affiliate programs in other top categories. I wish you all the best on your road to success. Good luck to you.

Just want to leave you with this as well if you are a marketer and have a Google+ account then please join my new community The Marketers Lounge. Everyone of all experience levels is encouraged to join. The primary reason for this community is for everyone to share their knowledge, their progress and learn together.

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