Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Travel-2018

This is another section of the highest paying affiliate programs article. This article is solely based on the highest paying affiliate programs for travel in 2018. One of the most important things as an affiliate marketer is getting paid the most for your efforts. With the amount of work us affiliate marketers put in on a weekly basis each and every one of us want to get the most amount of money for our efforts. These programs that you will find in this article are tried and tested to be the best travel affiliate programs you could be a part of. This list has been narrowed down from many affiliate programs through hours of research to give you as an affiliate marketer the best choices for promoting in the travel industry.

May the contents of this article help guide towards bringing in more revenue on a monthly basis. I just wanted to add that as an affiliate for travel if you can make a deal with certain hotels etc to bring them customers then you will make more of a commission then using a travel affiliate program. Although this is not a viable option for most marketers it is a point that I did not want to leave out Also as an affiliate marketer in the travel industry it is a wise idea to promote through more than just one specific program. Each one of your readers may have a different preference for who to use while traveling and if you make that option available to them they are far more likely to go through your promotional links rather than just exiting out looking for the next page. Good luck to all of you and please feel free to leave a comment with any questions’/feedback at the bottom. Thank you.

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Best Travel Affiliate Programs

euro money

Note: I personally do not receive any revenue whatsoever from these recommended “highest paying affiliate program” links other than if you were to join through the Shareasale Network which I would receive $1.00 for referring an affiliate.

If you are looking for an affiliate travel network that has many great affiliate program offer some of which I have listed here I would recommend using the Travel Payouts Network. They are free and easy to use. Instant approval for the network as well. If you are in the travel niche market then it is worth checking out Travel Payouts.

The best travel affiliate programs are the following:


tripadvisor logo

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular and widely used companies from reserving a room to a restaurant all over the world. They have many reviews for hotels, restaurants etc. (Over 5 million hotels to compare) and are used by millions of people on a daily basis. They have been around for a long time and are here to stay for sure. Chances are if you’ve done any type of traveling then you have heard about TripAdvisor. Not only is TripAdvisor highly trusted and used by many they also provide their affiliates with hefty commissions. People generally like to a review a place before they book it so having access to TripAdvisor’s user reviews is a huge advantage for an affiliate. As an affiliate for TripAdvisor you will receive the following:

  • Standard commission is 50% for a converted sale through your links.
  • Extra incentives for driving a high volume of traffic to their website. (Average click out rate is $.15 to $.75 per click out) You can sign up through Commission Junction (Solid Affiliate Network To Use) and track your individual starts daily.
  • Deeplinking, Banners, etc
  • Monthly payouts

I Highly recommend joining the TripAdvisor affiliate program because of their high commission payouts along with their many customer user reviews on destinations. They are a trusted source online and can help you increase your current revenue in the travel niche.

Sign up for the TripAdvisor affiliate program [Here]


booking.com logo

Booking.com is well-known and trusted in the eyes of the average consumer. Chances are the average person wouldn’t hesitate to use them for traveling due to skepticism on whether they are a legitimate company to plan your trip with. This is always a positive thing for any affiliate marketer. Booking.com books over 1.2 million rooms a day! that is one hell of a number so their market exposure is broad to say the least. Now on to why Booking.com is a great affiliate program choice for you. For affiliates, they offer:

  • Anyone can sign up/ Free and easy to use. They offer deeplinking, Search box and banner options
  • Payouts are through PayPal (trusted and free to use)
  • Commission rates vary depending on the amount of customers that convert through your links. Commission rates start are the following bookings per Month: (based on Booking.com’s earnings not overall cost of hotel stay)
    • 1-50 = 25%
    • 51-150 = 30%
    • 151-500 = 35%
    • 501 or more = 40%
  • Many promotional tools at your disposal. They offer deeplinking, Search box, deals finder, banner options and WordPress plugins for your website.

As an affiliate for Booking.com the potential to make a lot of money is there. As you see the more business you bring their way the higher your commission will be. You can sign up through the affiliate network Travel Payouts which has many great travel affiliate program offers all in one place and is specifically designed for the travel niche.

To join Booking.com’s affiliate program sign up free here through the Travel Payouts Network– Instant Approval!



Viator is one of the largest companies for booking tourism attractions in the world. They offer “thousands of sightseeing, tours, attractions and transfers in 75+ countries and over 450 destinations worldwide”. For unique trips and destinations on things to do Viator is a program you will want to work with. It’s all well and good to make a commission on helping someone get a hotel but if your can provide the extra service on helping them find interesting things to do on their trip then you become a much more valuable source. As an affiliate for Viator you will receive the following:

  • You get a 5% commission after someone books and travels.
  • Access to widgets and banners for your website
  • Bank deposit payouts unless you sign up through the Shareasale Network which I use and highly recommend.

If your already running a travel blog or site then becoming a part of the Viator affiliate program is a great choice to boost your earning potential. Sign up through Shareasale where you can easily track many great affiliate programs including Viator [Here]


agoda logo

Agoda is one of the best known travel companies throughout the world and they offer one of the highest paying affiliate programs for travel to top it off. Everyone can join this program but you must have a website or blog to do so. They have over 250,000 of the finest properties to choose from and the approval process for the affiliate program takes about 2-3 days. As an Affiliate for Agoda you will have access to the following:

  • Up to 7% Commissions on booking price (other reviews claim up to 60% commissions but in my research i did not find this to be true unless they mean 60% of what Agoda makes which is a misleading claim anyways without stating that fact.
  • Commission rates start at 4% and can go up to 7%.
  • Text links, data feeds, and search box for your site.
  • Bank deposit payouts unless you use the Shareasale Network like I do which is the easiest affiliate network that I have personally come across thus far.

Something to be aware of with this program is that there are no longer any cookies available so if someone doesn’t book right away through your link and searches the same hotel for example the following day within the Agoda website then you will not be paid. Not many reviews will tell you this but I like my readers to know all the facts.

Sign up for the Agoda affiliate program [Here]

Cruise Direct

cruise direct logo

If you are involved within the travel niche then being a part of a cruise affiliate program is strongly encouraged. Why you ask? Well because of the fact that cruises are becoming more popular every year and it is a part of the travel niche that you can benefit from financially. Reasons why Cruise Direct is appealing to potential cruise customers are that they guarantee the lowest possible price, they have no booking fees and they have flexible payment plans. Cruise Direct is one of the better affiliate programs for this category and as a member they offer the following:The following Information is taken directly from their affiliate website:

So as you see this program has a lot to offer its affiliates and it would be a wise choice becoming a member if you are promoting any type of cruise travel.

Sign up for the Cruise Direct affiliate program [Here}

Priceline Partner Network

the negotiator

I’m sorry but I just had to add a picture of him for Priceline lol I find it funny! Now Priceline Partner Network is a good affiliate program to join for a few reasons. They cover many aspects of travel like hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and more. When people want to book everything at once priceline is a great option to use. They compare prices for the consumer and narrow down the best options. As a Priceline affiliate you are offered the following:

  • Over 980,000 properties to inventory from
  • 35 Commission on most bookings
  • 5% or more commissions on retail hotel price bookings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Banners

To become an affiliate you can also join the Priceline Partner Program through the Commission Junction Network. It’s an affiliate network that tracks many programs and provides everything you need such as links, banners etc.

Sign up for the Priceline Partner Network [Here]

What To Do If Your Not Seeing Results?

get me out of here

Ok, so for many new affiliate marketers and even some that have been in the business for a bit have not been seeing the financial results they have hoped for or expected. Why is this? You have learned the basics and expect to see some results from your hard work am I right?

Well the problem here is that there is a ton of crap training available all over the internet… A TON! I personally know because that is exactly what I came across when I started. You may have studied and trained with a few different training sources and still haven’t seen solid results even after the countless hours of work you put in, Does this sound familiar? Yes it takes time to get things rolling but if you’re putting in the work and not seeing results then ultimately there is a problem. Some get lucky and start making big money right off the bat but for most of us we have to really grind and work hard before we make our fortunes.

Now I’m no guru and will never claim to be but what I can tell you is that if you want to start seeing real results and make some real money then reevaluate your efforts and join a training program that actually works. Where I got my real start at working online was through this training program.

Not only do they have countless success stories they actually care and want to see you succeed. They offer step by step training so that no matter your capabilities you can succeed but only if you actually put the work in. There are so many people out there these days that want to see results but aren’t willing to do the work. If you are one of those people then do not bother because this affiliate training program is not for you and honestly none are. If you want money for no real work then look elsewhere.

If you are interested in learning how to really make money online and become a successful affiliate marketer with no BS strings attached situations, to sign up for free [Click Here].

If you would like to see my personal in-depth review on this affiliate training program and what they have to offer then

[Click Here] to check out my honest review

My review contains real natural screenshots from within the program showing you exactly what real people using this training program are saying all by themselves. I know you will be impressed!

Additional High Paying Travel Affiliate Programs

Here are some more of the highest paying affiliate programs for travel in 2018 without in-depth details:

Just click and be brought to the affiliate sign up page

Hope you enjoyed this article if there are any programs you think should be added onto this list please feel free to leave tell me in a comment below, as well as any success stories or anything else you would like to share.


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