Highest Paying Affiliate program For Fashion

Hello here is another installation of the highest paying affiliate programs list. This article covers the highest paying affiliate programs for fashion. All these articles are developed from hours of research so that you have access to the best programs for each industry in 2018. I noticed some top ranking articles on this subject in Google are very out-of-date and some recommended programs do not exist anymore. Also, there is not too much info on the specifics for the high paying affiliate programs for the fashion niche.

I Will link the other relevant articles to the bottom of this page or you can access them in the drop down menu at the top of this site. Their are many fashion affiliate programs available to choose from but her at My Affiliate Help This you are given the best options. Now lets get onto it shall we?

Note:I noticed many of these top fashion affiliate programs are on either the Viglink network or Shareasale’s Network so if you are in the fashion niche and not already a part of these networks you can join in the links below for free.

The Best Affiliate Programs:Fashion

fashion picture


Angelique logo

This is a plus size lingerie clothing company but the steep commissions make this program very appealing for fashion bloggers or any fashion affiliate. With more and more of the world’s population becoming over weight and obese it becomes easier and easier to sell and recommend products like these. Nothing wrong with plus size woman anyways so why not promote Angelique products that make them feel sexy and in the process make some money for yourself.

Here is the need to know facts on this program:

  • Commission rate is 18% plus a 2% two-tier percentage
  • The clothing sizes are from XL to 6XL
  • You are automatically approved for this program through the Shareasale Network

Here is an image of some additional program details:

angelique program detailsTo sign up for the Angelique affiliate program you must do so here through Shareasale.


Flirty Home

Flirty Home is another program with nice commissions. This program doesn’t have clothing to promote but does have house hold supplies and fashionable aprons. If you’re promoting fashionable household product or kitchen supplies this is a good program to utilize Here’s the rundown on Flirty Home:

flirty home affiliate program details


If you would like to sign up for flirty home’s affiliate program you must do so through Shareasale.



silverrushstyle logo

This is a handmade artisan silver jewelry family company that provides very nice commissions for its affiliates. They have over 8,000 unique designs and are one of the largest handmade jewelry companies on the internet. Here are the need to know facts about the program:

  • 15% commissions and average sale is $114 which is pretty good
  • 60 day cookies
  • High conversion rates
  • Two tiered commission structure. First paying you 15% then an additional 5% of that to the second tier
  • Free shipping for all orders

To sign up for SilverRushStyle’s affiliate program you must do so here through Shareasale.


Stella and Dot

Stella & Dot logo

Now this programs commission structure is a little odd to me. that’s because they seem to bounce around what the commission actually is. On the program site which is Shareasale it says 10% but then it says 12% in a different part and all the way up to 14% for new customers in another part. To say the least this programs commission rates are a bit vague. From my research I gather the least amount you will get is 10% which is still a nice commission rate. Here’s the info on this program:

  • 10% commission rate minimum possibly up to 14%?\
  • Stylist referral $100 commission lead
  • If someone signs up and registers with Stella and Dot through your link you get $1.00 per sign up.
  • no auto approval
  • 30 day cookies
  • average sale is over $100
  • $10 affiliate referral bonus

If you do decide to promote Stella¨ you can do quite well with this program especially if you promote to affiliate’s and customers, which if you a blogger you can take advantage of.

To sign up for the Stella¨ affiliate program you must do so here at Shareasale


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang logoThis is one of the more popular fashion affiliate programs for the fashion industry although the commission rate isn’t super high its better than some others. For instances Norstrom’s commission rate is only 2%.

Alexander Wang products are for both men and woman. They consist of High end clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. They are very popular and have high price tag items. This is a good paying program to be a part of for fashion.

The Specifics on this program are:

  • 6% Commissions
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Payout through PayPal, direct deposit or check

To sign up for the Alexander Wang affiliate program you must do so here through Viglink

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte tilbury logo

This is another very popular fashion affiliate program you can do well with. Although its commissions are not as high as some other programs it’s a well-known company and shouldn’t be hard to get conversions. They have a wide range of award-winning product and specializes in make up and skin care products. I could be wrong but I believe they affiliate only from north America and the UK can join this program.

Here are the details for this program:

  • 6% commission rate
  • 30 day cookies

You can join the Charlotte Tilbury affiliate program at Viglink


netaporter logoThis is another very popular fashion program. Net-A-Porter is an award-winning site and has many sought after products. Their website claims to have an invitation only policy but you are still able to apply through my link below. They have clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, lingerie, beauty products, and accessories. The commission rate isn’t very high but it’s a trusted brand which you shouldn’t have trouble promoting.

Here are the details:

  • 6% commission
  • 30 Day cookies
  • Must have a good website/blog. They claim to only let first class websites join their affiliate program. A little stuck up from my point of view. You would think any business is good business as long as the affiliate promotional rules are not broken.

You can join the Net-A-Porter affiliate program also at Viglink


Here are some additional high paying fashion affiliate programs without details: 


RxSkin Therapy- 155 commission, Make up

Juice Beauty- 8%-10% commission, skincare/make up

Sephora- 4%-10% commissions, perfume/cosmetics/sign up through Viglink

Mango 6%-10% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Macys-4%-6% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Fanatics up to 10% commissions, Sports merchandise

TopShop-4%-6% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Elf-9% commissions, Make up/sign up through Viglink

Bobbi Brown- 8% commissions, make up/sign up through Viglink

Lauren Geller- 10% commissions, cosmetics/sign up through Viglink

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