The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks For Beginners

Understanding Affiliate Promotions


As an affiliate marketer myself I know that everyone in this industry is in it for one main reason. Money, cash, denero, Mula. Well you get the picture. Now in order to make the most money you need to have great affiliate networks to utilize. As a beginner in affiliate marketing there are so many networks to choose from it can be very overwhelming. Don’t make the mistake by joining a ton of networks when you first start out. Pick quality networks over quantity. All you need is a handful of quality networks and you will be off to a good start. However if you do join too many networks it’s fine you don’t actually have to use them. Just try to focus on the ones in this article and a couple others that you like.

When starting out one of the first questions you have is what are the best affiliate marketing networks for beginners? When you first start out your options may be limited and you will usually need to have a website that you own. If you don’t have a website yet that’s okay I can help you out if you continue reading. I give the answer to this below in a moment. Affiliate networks are usually always free to join but some networks will make you submit an application for review while others will instantly approve you.

PPS-There are different types of payout models when promoting an affiliate program. A common form is PPS (Pay Per Sale) also referred to as CPS (Cost Per Sale). PPS models are paid out after a sale is made through your affiliate link and is can be a high commission percentage rate.

CPA-This payout model results in the affiliate getting paid because a certain action taken by a potential customer who uses you affiliate links such as a referral or a lead. Most actions for example include form submits, clicks, impressions, opt-ins, registrations, or sign-ups. The payout percentages are much smaller for CPA’s versus Pay Per Sale’s because they involve more risk and don’t necessarily rely on a sale to receive a payout.

Before You Start Choosing Networks…

Realize quote

Below I have listed the best affiliate marketing networks for beginners to use. Even if you don’t have a single page of content yet its good to have a website. At least before you begin this process. You need a solid foundation before you can build something great. You don’t necessarily need a site if you have a big social media following or wish to pay money for specific ads right away. Honestly though If you only go that route you will be limiting your self immensely. Having as many avenues for online income as possible is key so get yourself a website and a hosting service. You can do all of this for free like I did and I’ll tell you how. If you are looking for a good web hosting service I advise you check out my article “The best web hosing sites For 2018”.

If you still haven’t got your own website up and running and would like to do so and learn how to do everything in the process I can help. This is also my #1 recommended way for anyone to make money online, no matter who you are. The following link will bring you to my personal review of the program and contains all the info you need to know with proof of why its so great. I also give anyone who joins through me some free bonuses from me personally that are not offered anywhere else. To learn ro create your own websites and grow your online businesses I highly recommend using Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I got my start and they are the reason I work online today. To sign up for their free membership directly you can [Click Here] (you will still receive your free bonuses from me).

The reason I strongly recommend them is because when I started out in affiliate marketing I knew absolutely nothing about creating websites. Nor did I know how to make money online whatsoever. They teach you step-by-step on how to create websites, create content, drive traffic to your sites and ultimately how to be successful online. There are many members using Wealthy Affiliate who are making a very nice living.

Now If that’s all taken care of on your end then lets get onto which affiliate networks are best for beginners shall we? Just so you know these networks are not listed in order from best to worst they are just the best ones for a beginner to start with so check them out and get a feel for them. Move onto others later on when you get some experience under your belt.

*Note: All These Recommended Affiliate Network Are Free To Join. Also, It’s A Good Idea To Join Multiple Networks Because Different Great Programs Are On Other Networks. All The Recommended Networks Below Are Worth Joining. I Have Personally Used Or Continue To Use All Of These Networks Below.

Amazon Associates

amazon associates

Now no matter what your website or niche your in being an Amazon affiliate is a great Idea. Why do you ask? Well its simple really they are widely used by people all over the world and are a highly trusted site. Another is there is a wide range of products on amazon for competitive prices no matter what your niche is. When your looking for certain types of physical or digital products to promote there’s a good chance it will be available on amazon. Another good thing about Amazon Associates is anyone can join and once your a member you can send your readers there for anything you’d like. You can without having to wait for approval to promote a certain service or product like you do with many other affiliate networks and programs .

The only downside about being new and using Amazon Associates is that after 3 months if you have not made a sale they then terminate your membership. I know it sucks and is kind of stupid especially since when you start out in affiliate marketing and creating websites it usually takes at least a couple months before things are up and starting to run smoothly. Also, most people just starting out can’t dedicate working as an affiliate marketer full-time. Unless you have a lot of money for advertising and such you will most likely not be making money right off the bat and 99% of people who tell you any different are lying (which you will find all over the internet).

The Good:

  • Free and easy sign-up
  • Many products to choose from
  • Trusted Company which ultimately leads to better conversions (If a person feels skeptical about a company they most likely will not buy from them because of the massive amounts of scams online. People are worried when buying online as well they should be.
  • You will be paid accordingly. One thing that many affiliate marketers worry about is getting scammed themselves. As an affiliate you want to make sure you’re being paid for your work in bringing the customer to that company. Some networks or companies working within those networks will scrub your commissions (lie and underpay the affiliate marketer for the leads and sales they generate for that company)
  • Low minimum payout– $10 dollar payout by direct deposit or amazon gift card although for a paper check it’s $100. This is good for beginners because you usually won’t be making a ton of money right away so It is nice to get what you do make actually made available for you to use.
  • Commission on all products bought by your leads. If someone clicks your link and goes to amazon and buys 100 other things on top of the original thing you promoted then you will also receive commission on everything they bought in that session.
  • Easy to add product pictures and details into your site.
  • Promotional Tools

The Bad:

  • 24 hour cookies– If a person clicks your link and goes to amazon but decides not to buy anything until later the next day for some reason then you will be paid nothing. But whatever they add to their cart and keep there, you will be paid on if they purchase those item within 90 days..
  • No International Payouts But…– If you make sales through your links outside of the U.S (if that’s where you’re based) then you won’t receive any commissions at all. This potentially could be a lot of money out of your pocket. However, there is a silver lining: There are ways to receive commissions from leads generated internationally. The old way is to set up an account for each individual country that you wish to receive commissions from (very time-consuming and annoying). The newer way is to use something called Onelink but it only gives you commissions for the United Kingdom Canada, Italy, France Germany, Japan, and neighboring countries. You can find more info on that [Here]. The last and easiest way to do so is through a company called Genius links. Genius links is one of the best and most popular but it costs a little money. I believe all services that do this are paid services. If you have many website visitors outside of your country then it is more than worth the expense and the service will pay for itself and then some.
  • No PayPal payouts- Payouts must be paid by either gift card which sucks, direct deposit, or through a check. If you get a check they take a decent percentage of your earnings for fees so I wouldn’t recommend that option at all.
  • Low Commissions overall– In 2017 Amazon changed their commission structure which made many affiliates very angry. Lots of people lost a lot of good money making income overnight. Amazon Is already widely used so it doesn’t hurt them much at all but is a knife in the back for those in its affiliate program. Each commission percentage is now separated by categories. For instance if you market towards video games and consoles then your commission is now a whopping 1% yea 1% but if your market is Digital Video games, luxury beauty or Amazon coins your commission is 10%, which is the highest percentage you can get from them. Here is their commission payout structure:



  • Amazon Gift Cards & Wine – 0%
  • Video Games & Video Consoles – 1%
  • Televisions – 2>%
  • PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray – 2.5%
  • Toys -3%
  • Amazon Kindle & Fire Tablets – 4%
  • Physical Books, Health & Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products – 4.5%
  • Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos – 5%
  • Outdoors, Tools – 5.5%
  • Headphones, Beauty, Musical Instruments, Business, Industrial Supplies – 6%
  • Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV – 7%
  • Apparel, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, Watches – 7%
  • Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets, Pantry – 8%
  • Digital Video Games, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins – 10%
  • All Other Categories – 4%

To join Amazon Associates [Click Here] 



Shareasale is a great network to be a part of for a few reasons. One of them being they are extremely easy to navigate and use. This Is my favorite network so far because of its simplicity and great layout. I wish all networks looked like Shareasale in my opinion. Shareasale is hands down one of the best networks for beginners. Many advanced internet marketers use this network too. I highly recommend anyone to join. This should be one of the first networks you join as a new affiliate marketer.

Here is the low down on this network:

  • One of the top networks in the world
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accurate tools and reporting
  • Tracking
  • Easy to use for affiliates who own multiple websites
  • Partnered with Many great A+ Merchants/Programs
  • Customizable deep linking
  • $1 Refer an affiliate bonus (Not a lot but better than nothing)
  • $150 Refer a merchant commission
  • Always paid right and on time
  • And More

To join the Shareasale Network [Click Here]

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

Cj Affiliate is another one of the top networks in the world. From my experience as a beginner it can be a little difficult to navigate at first but once you get used to the network it becomes easier. I do however recommend this network for beginners regardless because there are some great programs to take advantage of here. One thing you should be aware of that I found out myself is that they do offer deep linking however if a program on their network doesn’t then you cannot do so for that specific program. Make sense? This was confusing to me at first until I found out that was the reason. Overall this is a great network for anyone.

Here’s some details for CJ Affiliate:

  • Many great programs (Bing Included)
  • Deep Linking
  • Toolbox
  • Great customer support
  • Product widgets
  • Pay per call
  • Site to store
  • Lead generation
  • Tracking
  • Transaction Monitoring in real time
  • And more

To join The CJ Affiliate Network [Click Here]


Viglink logo

Viglink Is another great network with many great programs as well as something extra. You need to join this program and I’ll tell you why. They automatically monetize all outbound links. This means Viglink will still get you money on any links you have to external sites that are not already your affiliate links! Yes it’s pretty awesome. Any links that are already affiliate links are not effected. As a blogger, this is a great way to make easy money. Viglink has helped over 2 million publishers become an e-commerce business. They are also partnered with vcommission and Effinity. This is an amazing network that I’m surprised I didn’t know about sooner! You would think a network this great that also monetizes your outbound links would be one of the first networks you hear of. For me unfortunately it wasn’t. Viglink is great and I highly recommend them to beginners and everyone else with a website.

Some additional details on Viglink:

  • Great for beginners
  • Great for bloggers/any website owner
  • Automatically monetizes outbound links so you make extra money
  • Viglink keeps 25% and you earn 75% of any commission you receive from when they monetize your links.
  • Easy setup, they offer a plugin as well but you don’t need it.
  • PayPal payouts
  • Many great quality programs found nowhere else
  • Gives more info to your audience while creating income for yourself
  • And much more

I highly recommend this Network to all beginners. To join The Viglink Network [Click Here]


Clickbank logo

ClickBank is another good network that is extremely popular and well-known. It was actually the very first network I joined, While ClickBank has many good programs to promote it also has a ton of bad ones as well. That being said do your research before promoting a program, don’t just promote something because it pays handsomely. I and others that I have talked to agree that the navigation is very tricky when you first start. I recommend you watch this short YouTube video first on how to navigate ClickBank if you choose to join. It will save you a lot of time. Other than it needing an update, all around this network is good. I’ve heard the refund return rate can be pretty high but that’s only with the bad products which is to be expected anywhere. There are many things to promote on ClickBank that are not available for promotion anywhere else. It;s worth joining this network.

Some additional details for ClickBank are:

  • Many E-books and other digital product promotions
  • Very high commission offers
  • Tracking & Promotional Tools
  • Well known and one of the oldest networks around
  • Supports multiple languages, meaning you can promote the same product in different languages
  • Very easy to sign up and promote. Before I started an affiliate marketing training program I signed up with them and promoted a few products on Craigslist. (I did very poorly since I was not educated correctly.)
  • Low minimum payouts. Payouts can start at $10. As a new affiliate this is crucial since you want to receive what you work for as quickly as possible.


To join ClickBank’s affiliate network [Click Here]


JvZoo logo

I haven’t used JVZoo much to be honest but I do like the layout and have done my research on them just like every other network on this list. JVZoo is however one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks in the world. One this that helps differentiate JvZoo from other networks is instant payout of commissions to your PayPal account. I like this network better than ClickBank. Get more info in the details below

Here’s some of what you need to know about JVZoo:

  • Instant payouts to PayPal
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Beautiful layout
  • Great customer service for both buyers and sellers
  • JvZoo is integrated with the online affiliate forum Warrior Forum
  • As a merchant JvZoo will send your buyers any bonuses you wish. This makes the process much easier.
  • JvZoo uses cookies for its own web links. So check this out upon joining.
  • Many great and crap products to promote so RESEARCH what you wish to promote first!

All in all JvZoo is a great network for any beginner. To join the JvZoo’s network [Click Here]



TravelPayouts logo

Travel Payouts is a great network but one that I would specifically recommend to travel niche affiliates. Although, if you ever plan to promote anything in the travel industry then this network is a great place to start. They have 3 different travel related search engines. These are Jetradar, Avisales, and Hotellook. They have a mobile app that if your visitors download and use then you receive commissions for a full year from their reservations. Cool right! It is also the fastest and easiest network I ever signed up for I couldn’t believe it. No verification, no long forms, none of that! As soon as you put click join your signed up. Literally took me a few seconds. I was amazed!

Facts on TravelPayouts:

  • The easiest network I’ve ever signed up with
  • Best travel network in the world
  • Multiple ways to receive commissions
  • Mobile App for customers that you benefit from when your visitors use it
  • Beautiful website dashboard
  • Easy navigation
  • Quality promotional tools
  • Tracking, Click thru rate, all the analytics you need

It takes a few seconds to join TravelPayouts and to join just [Click Here]


Wowtrk logo

WOWTRK is the fastest growing affiliate network in the world right now. They are constantly improving and easy to use. They are a trusted network and have many available offers for affiliates. If you’re looking to switch up the basic offers you see from other networks then WOWTRk is a great place to look. You will not be disappointed with this network for sure,

More about WOWTRK

  • Fastest growing Network at this time
  • Great customer service
  • Fast and easy sign up
  • Global network with offers everywhere but highly known and sought after in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.
  • Specialize in CPA and CPL offers
  • Promotional tools, tracking, and banners. Everything affiliates need.
  • Payouts in PayPal, check or bank wire

Overall its worth looking into WOWTRK they are a solid program that many affiliates/publishers love. You can join the WOWTRK Network if you [Click Here]

So There You Have it!

man in sunset

I hope in reading this you now have a better perspective on networks and join a couple that interest you. The info I give you in my articles is to truly help you get make the right choice and make your life easier as an affiliate marketer. Take a look around this site and read a few articles that interest you if you haven’t done so already. You are sure to find something on that can benefit you in one way or another.

If you are struggling as an affiliate marketer and it seems like no matter what you do nothing works then I have an answer for that as well. Remember that Program I was talking about in the beginning of this article where you can create and host your free websites? Well that is also a training program for affiliate marketers. It’s a one of a kind service that will educate you on every aspect of the business and connects you with thousands of very successful affiliate marketers who can help you along the way.

stop struggling let me help

Stop struggling to make money online and actually do it. Too many other programs promise the world and don’t deliver. Check out my review and find out everything you need to know about why this program is so special. I honestly wouldn’t be here without it. i myself tried to create an online business in the past and failed. I didn’t fail for a lack of hard work or dedication but I failed for one simple reason. That reason is I did not have the proper education I needed in order to succeed online. I had no clue what to do!

It has always been my belief that pretty much anyone can do almost anything if they have the proper training and the will to succeed. Same goes for affiliate marketing. You may already know a few things and that’s great but this program will take you to the next level I’m 100% sure of it. Everything you need to know is here within my review where you can also sign up. I give you my personal bonuses as well if you decide sign up so [Click Here] and see for yourself!

Like always, I encourage anyone to leave a comment. If you feel there is a network that should be on this list then tell me what it is and why. If you’ve had previous success with any of these networks please leave a comment of your experiences. Thank you.

Highest Paying Affiliate program For Fashion

Hello here is another installation of the highest paying affiliate programs list. This article covers the highest paying affiliate programs for fashion. All these articles are developed from hours of research so that you have access to the best programs for each industry in 2018. I noticed some top ranking articles on this subject in Google are very out-of-date and some recommended programs do not exist anymore. Also, there is not too much info on the specifics for the high paying affiliate programs for the fashion niche.

I Will link the other relevant articles to the bottom of this page or you can access them in the drop down menu at the top of this site. There are many fashion affiliate programs available to choose from but here at My Affiliate Help This you are given the best options. Now let’s get to it shall we?

Note:I noticed many of these top fashion affiliate programs are on either the Viglink network or Shareasale’s Network so if you are in the fashion niche and not already a part of these networks you can join in the links below for free.

The Best Affiliate Programs:Fashion

fashion picture


Angelique logo

This is a plus size lingerie clothing company, but the steep commissions make this program very appealing for fashion bloggers or any fashion affiliate. With more and more of the world’s population becoming overweight and obese it becomes easier to sell and recommend products like these. Nothing wrong with plus size woman anyways so why not promote Angelique products that make them feel sexy and, in the process, make some money for yourself.

Here is the need to know facts on this program:

  • Commission rate is 18% plus a 2% two-tier percentage
  • The clothing sizes are from XL to 6XL
  • You are automatically approved for this program through the Shareasale Network

Here is an image of some additional program details:

angelique program detailsTo sign up for the Angelique affiliate program you must do so here through Shareasale.


Flirty Home

Flirty Home is another program with nice commissions. This program doesn’t have clothing to promote but does have household supplies and fashionable aprons. If you’re promoting fashionable household products or kitchen supplies this is a good program to utilize Here’s the rundown on Flirty Home:

flirty home affiliate program details

If you would like to sign up for flirty home’s affiliate program you must do so through Shareasale.


silverrushstyle logo

This company is family owned and sells handmade artisan silver jewelry and they provide very nice commissions for their affiliates. They have over 8,000 unique designs and are one of the largest handmade jewelry companies on the internet. Here are the facts you need to know about the program:

  • 15% commissions and average sale is $114 which is pretty good
  • 60 day cookies
  • High conversion rates
  • Two tiered commission structure. First paying you 15% then an additional 5% of that to the second tier
  • Free shipping for all orders

To sign up for Silver Rush Style’s affiliate program you must do so through Shareasale.

Stella and Dot

Stella & Dot logo

Now this programs commission structure is a little odd to me. that’s because they seem to bounce around on what the commission actually is. On the program site which is Shareasale it states 10% but then it says 12% in a different part and all the way up to 14% for new customers in another part. To say the least this programs commission rates are a bit vague. From my research I gather the least amount you will get is 10% which is still a nice commission rate. Here’s the info on this program:

  • 10% commission rate minimum possibly up to 14%?
  • Stylist referral $100 commission lead
  • If someone signs up and registers with Stella and Dot through your link you get $1.00 per sign up.
  • no auto approval
  • 30 day cookies
  • average sale is over $100
  • $10 affiliate referral bonus

If you do decide to promote Stella & Dot you can do quite well with this program especially if you promote to affiliate’s and customers, which if you a blogger you can certainly take advantage of.

To sign up for the Stella & Dot affiliate program you must do so here at Shareasale

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang logoThis is one of the more popular fashion affiliate programs for the fashion industry although the commission rate isn’t super high its better than some others. For instances Nordstrom’s commission rate is only 2%.

Alexander Wang products are for both men and woman. They consist of High end clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. They are very popular and have high price tag items. This is a good paying program to be a part of for fashion, especially if you target more wealthy individuals who love to shop online.

The Specifics on this program are:

  • 6% Commissions
  • $50 minimum payout
  • Payout through PayPal, direct deposit or check

To sign up for the Alexander Wang affiliate program you must do so here through Viglink

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte tilbury logo

This is another very popular fashion affiliate program you can do well with. Although its commissions are not as high as some other programs it’s a well-known company and shouldn’t be difficult to get conversions. They have a wide range of award-winning products that specialize in makeup and skin care. I could be mistaken but I believe they affiliate only from north America and the UK can join this program.

Here are the details for this program:

  • 6% commission rate
  • 30 day cookies

You can join the Charlotte Tilbury affiliate program at Viglink


netaporter logoThis is another very popular fashion program. Net-A-Porter is an award-winning site and has many sought after products. Their website claims to have an invitation only policy but you are still able to apply through my link below. They have clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, lingerie, beauty products, and accessories. The commission rate isn’t very high but it’s a trusted brand which you shouldn’t have trouble promoting.

Here are the details:

  • 6% commission
  • 30 Day cookies
  • Must have a good website/blog. They claim to only let first class websites join their affiliate program. A little stuck up from my point of view. You would think any business is good business as long as the affiliate promotional rules are not broken.

You can join the Net-A-Porter affiliate program also at Viglink

Here are some additional high paying fashion affiliate programs without details: 

RxSkin Therapy- 155 commission, Make up

Juice Beauty- 8%-10% commission, skincare/make up

Sephora- 4%-10% commissions, perfume/cosmetics/sign up through Viglink

Mango 6%-10% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Macys-4%-6% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Fanatics up to 10% commissions, Sports merchandise

TopShop-4%-6% commissions, Fashion/sign up through Viglink

Elf-9% commissions, Make up/sign up through Viglink

Bobbi Brown- 8% commissions, make up/sign up through Viglink

Lauren Geller- 10% commissions, cosmetics/sign up through Viglink

Want To Get Ahead Of The Competition?

arrows on road

If you are struggling as an affiliate market whether it be with your blog or website then it’s time to make a change! Join the best affiliate marketing training program in the industry for free. Chances are no matter if you’re a newbie or an expert affiliate marketer you will benefit from this program. It is #1 for a reason.

I myself am part of this program and plan to stay for life. Web hosting, keyword research tool and everything you can think of is included. It’s worth signing up and taking advantage of this opportunity to push your success to the next level.

Check out my review on this #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Program Here

Here are the other highest paying affiliate program articles:

Feel free to leave a comment below. If you a feel a program should be on the list then let me know.

How To Create A Website Free

create free websites 100% free

There a few different ways to create your own website free and in this article you will find out exactly how to do so and the best places to do it. Since these days there are many places to create free websites it’s not the question of how to create a website free but where to do so. Why do you ask? Well It’s simple really because you want to be able to succeed with your website after you create it right? After you read this article you will know the best place to create your free website and why.

*Make Sure You Read Til The End to Get Your Free Bonus Offer From Me Personally

When I decided to create my free website for the first time I just used WordPress which turned out to be a bad decision. Not because WordPress is a bad program to create free websites but because i didn’t know what to do other than how to write my content. This is bad because what’s the point of creating a free website if people never see it? I started off years ago by just creating a free WordPress account and tried to things on my own but went nowhere at all.

I learned that the hard way but the good news is you don’t have to. Learn from my mistake so that when I tell you how to create free websites you can do it the right way. In this article I will show you the best way to create a website for free. If you take my advice you will do well and have a much better chance to succeed than if you were to attempt to create websites on your own.

*If you prefer to watch content rather than read it then you can watch me explain why this is the best way to create your free site in this short video.

Best Place To Create Your Own Free Website And Succeed

When I decided to start an online business and learn how to create my website for free for the second time I came across a valuable program. I got lucky finding this program because the first time I tried to create a free website I succeeded in actually creating the website but went nowhere with it so I gave up. I failed. I called it quits and threw in the towel. I was done. The reason I quit was because even though I did successfully create a free website I didn’t really know what to do with it. I had no idea how to customize it and ultimately I had no clue how to get visitors to my website. Without any visitors it is as if your website doesn’t even exist.

The free program I found to create my free website was Wealthy Affiliate and they offered more than I ever could’ve wealthy affiliate bannerimagined. At Wealthy Affiliate once your signed up for free it literally takes only 30 seconds to create your free website. Yes that wasn’t a typo it only takes 30 seconds!

It truly is amazing. As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites that are web hosted by them on free site rubix domains and it gets better. Not only do they do that for free they also give you free training on everything you need to know to get started running an online business. Yes it s all 100% free and you can use it for free for life. There is no limit or trial period for this.

The reason it is free is because Wealthy Affiliate is more so directed as a training program for anyone who wants to learn how to run their own online business. They offer the basic training, websites and web hosting along with much more for free because they want you to upgrade to their premium service but you never have to. It’s totally up to you, but if you are serious about making money online and creating your own website business then upgrading to a premium membership down the road is something you should strongly consider.

I did everything I could at Wealthy affiliate for free then decided to upgrade because of the huge amount of value they offer to their premium members. It’s honestly unmatch when it comes to online business training. They don’t give you all these outrageous claims like you see from all these internet scammers on how to make money online they only tell you the truth and more than deliver on it. They have personally exceeded my expectations and I honestly think I will always be a member. Now yes you could say I’m a little bias because I’m with them but I only tell you all this because If you do want to create your own free website and be successful online then I want you to give you the best possible chance at that.

time to think about success

Like I said before you can create a free website in many places but none of them offer what Wealthy Affiliate does. I only wish I had found this program years ago when I made my first website that failed miserably. It’s okay though because at least I found them and you know how life is. You live and you learn.

if you want to create your own free website then Wealthy affiliate is hands down your best bet no matter who you are. If you can read and type then you can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate. The Choice is totally up to you.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate (Free or Premium) you will be using WordPress websites which is great because they are the best in my opinion and easy to use (once you learn what to do). WordPress is so popular right now. it is used by 31.3% of all websites in the world! That’s a huge percentage.


If you join Wealthy Affiliate to create your free site I will personally give you some additional bonuses that don’t come with the free membership. Why would I do this you ask? Well I’ll be honest with you like I always am with my readers. I have an incentive to get you to join. That incentive is if you join through me and ever decide to upgrade your membership (Which you never have to) then I make a small commission. For that reason it is in my best interest that you do sign up through me and want to be successful so you do decide to upgrade at some point in the future,

Many people would not tell you this but I believe being honest with my audience is the right thing to do.That way they understand where I’m coming from.

Now if you decide to sign up for free through my links this is what I will be giving you:

My Bonuses:


  1. I will give you the free E-Book published July 2018 “Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit” via Email
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How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


Hello and welcome to My Affiliate Help! This article is about how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners or anyone for that matter and the real truth about it. The more you read my articles the more you see that I truly do have my reader’s best interest in mind and I always deliver honest quality content to my audience.

*Video of me included on this subject below. If you prefer to watch content over reading it then this video is for you!

If I over simplify things here that is only because I want everyone reading this to understand the process involved when learning affiliate marketing.

Do you want to learn how to become your own boss? Then you’re in the right place because that’s what affiliate marketing boils down to. Looking for a basic walkthrough on “what is affiliate marketing?” I have that available for you on my homepage but I advise you to read this first.

*Note: If you’re not the reading type I made a brief summary with the important links at the bottom of the page but if your serious about being an affiliate marketer I recommend that you read the whole article for your own benefit. One thing to be aware of though is that you will have to read a lot if you want to be successful in this industry so get used to it.

I am not here to sell you anything just to give you the facts about learning affiliate marketing, where to learn affiliate marketing and the best ways to learn affiliate marketing. What you will learn in here are the things I wish I was told when I started out. This is why I’m telling you the truth whether or not it’s what you want to hear.

*Here’s The awesome video to help get you started!

For me and many others “how to learn” is one of the first things that someone who wants to get started in affiliate marketing searches for. I know from personal experience I had to browse through many pages of content to get the basic information I needed. Many websites will be quick to tell you what affiliate marketing is but don’t really explain how to learn affiliate marketing very well in my opinion. By the time you’re done reading this you will know everything you need to know about learning affiliate marketing and be able to begin your journey to really making money online if you choose to do so.

#1 Way How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

computer dreams

Okay so as someone interested in becoming their own boss learning affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to do so with little to no financial investment on your part. Where do you begin? Well you already started the learning process since you found this website. Now the next thing you need to do is join an affiliate marketing training program.

I will recommend the best affiliate marketing training program where I got my start working online later in this article. I want you to leave here with all the knowledge you need to help lead you toward success. Trust me this will make your journey much easier so continue reading.

A training program is so crucial because if you do not do this you are just begging for failure. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer do not try to just “wing it” on your own. If you do that you will fail time and time again. Not for a lack of trying or hard work but because you’re not working smart enough and don’t know the basics to build off of to become successful. The most important thing when starting is joining the right training program otherwise you are wasting your time.

One thing I heard recently from someone who is extremely successful at this was that 99% of people will fail at affiliate marketing because of a few simple things but mainly because of what they’re not willing to do. Those things are what it takes to be successful. Meaning that you must be willing to do what most people are not to make it in this industry.

Things such as investing in your education, learning as much as you can and taking the time to create quality content, among other things. A lot of people hear they should have there own website in order to do well at this and that’s it for them. They quit. They throw in the towel before even trying. Within the training program that I’m a part of, all this taken care of for you. You don’t need to know how to do a single technical thing when it comes to computer code or anything like that. You can choose to learn it along the way but you don’t have to. (I haven’t)$100 bill

There are many online affiliate training programs but most of them are complete crap!

You need to join the best ones if you’re going to hit the ground running. The one I’m going to recommend teaches you everything you need to know literally step by step.

There are people in there 80s that are using this program that are very successful. That is not an exaggeration either! You will see them if you decide to join and you can ask them yourself.

Another great thing about this program is you can earn while you learn. It’s part of the training structure. You do a lesson then implement what you learned in that lesson into your work. It really is the best way to learn affiliate marketing. You can start making money while you are moving along through the training.

The Best part is the training program is free to join and you can use it for free as long as you like. Everything you need to have is in that one place. Web hosting for your website, affiliate training, free domains and much more is  all in this online program. Each person has their own individual profile and you can network and learn from other successful affiliate marketers as well. There are around 1 Million members in this program. People from all over the world.

Networking within the program is how I know people in their 80’s are successful using it in case you were wondering.  Bottom line is if they can do it so can you. There is no secret to becoming successful. Honestly if you just follow the program and do the other things I am telling you then you will be successful.

Being a successful affiliate marketer doesn’t happen overnight just like being successful at anything in life doesn’t happen that way either.

Once you join an affiliate training program you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive but do not let this demoralize you or deter you from sticking with it. I certainly was. This is completely normal and happens to everyone. If someone says otherwise they are lying to you.

Anyone who claims affiliate marketing is really easy is lying to you and has there own agenda. I will tell you this though. It’s not rocket science and literally anyone can learn to do it. Once you learn the basics it is probably easier than your current job. One of the biggest things that stops individuals for becoming successful is they don’t want to learn or they expect immediate results so they give up. You must have patience and the will to always be learning. The first month or so will be the hardest but once you start learning and implementing what you learn it becomes second nature and is much easier.

When you start out don’t spread yourself too thin. What I mean by this is you don’t have to know everything about every topic. Start off getting decent at the basics to get you started and then later go back to the important things and master them. I’m not going to throw a bunch of fancy terms at you about the things you will learn because you have to crawl before you can run.

Use Different Sources To Learn

affiliate marketing learning sources pie chart

Now when I say this I don’t mean join many training programs because if you do that then you will end up hearing some of the same basic things again and again when you should be using your time wisely. What I mean by using different sources to learn is check out what the really successful affiliate marketers are doing as well as other things. You can learn great tips for affiliate marketing from the pros that are doing very well day after day.

Now affiliate marketing is broken down into many categories of things you will need to learn and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the biggest. I know I said I wasn’t going to throw technical terms at you but this will help you out once you get started.

One person’s blog I suggest following from time to is Neil Patel. I neither personally nor financially have any association with the guy but he is very smart when it comes to SEO and getting traffic to your website. For that reason once you get started I recommend signing up for his newsletter or at least bookmarking his blog to check it out from time to time. Once you research who he is you will understand why. I will leave a link to Neil’s blog at the bottom of this page.

Another source you should look into for learning is to see what your competitors are doing and do better than them. Say your affiliate marketing niche (small market segment) is “pet toys” for example. You would then want to use Google or other search engines to see exactly what the other websites are doing to receive visitors and rank so well (First page search results).

Look at what they are writing about, how the layout of there websites looks, what keywords they are ranking for (you will learn about this later) etc. The point is to get a feel for what they are doing that makes them successful. Now I’m not saying to copy there website what I am saying is to copy some of the tactics and methods that are working well for them and implement it into your own work.

Join An Affiliate Forum


Some new affiliate marketer never even consider joining an affiliate forum usually for one of two reasons.

  1. They’ve never heard about them
  2. They don’t think it will be useful to become a member

If The reason is number one then it’s not there fault but if it’s because they don’t think it will be useful then that is just pure ignorance. Especially if you are new to this industry then joining a forum is a great way to learn from fellow affiliates and best of all its free. I will leave a link at the bottom of the page for the best affiliate forum as well.

After you join an affiliate training program, the next thing to do is join an affiliate forum. You don’t have to start searching the forum right away though. At first, I’d advise you to begin the training program and then within your first week start checking out the forum. There is so much to learn from forums that it would be unwise not to utilize a free resource like that.


Summary of What You Need to Know and Where to Go From Here!

Okay so I will break everything down for you real quick and send you in the right direction so you can get started becoming an affiliate marketer right now if you want.

First thing to do like I said is join the best affiliate marketing training program. If you join through me you will receive multiple bonuses. This company has been around since 2005, they are always improving/updating the education of their program. It’s where I got my start and I am still a very active member. There are so many more benefits to this training program than what I wrote in this article but you will find out absolutely everything you need to know about it and can join free through here..===>> [My #1 Recommended Affiliate Training Program]      Don’t forget about my personal bonus incentives below!

My Bonuses:

  1. I will give you the free E-Book published July 2018 “Affiliate Marketing Profit Kit” via Email 
  2. I will give you additional tips that I have accumulated since my start in affiliate marketing. Some of them I found out myself and are not published anywhere online
  3. I will assist you along the way the best I can for as long as you are a member of this training program.

You Will Not Get This Type Of Offer Anywhere Else So Sign Up Free Through Me To Receive Your Extra Bonuses

Next thing is to learn from different sources such as from the pros in certain niches of affiliate marketing and your niche’s competitors once you get started. (I advise you to pick something you like or are passionate about because it makes everything much less like work since you will enjoy what you are doing)

I told you as an affiliate marketer to learn from the best and when it comes to SEO and getting traffic to your site (which is ultimately the best way you make money) the most informative blog I’ve come across and learned from so far is Neil Patel’s Blog. You can get to Neil’s blog [Here].

The last thing I have for you in this article is my recommendation on the best affiliate forum. My favorite is affiliatefix and its free. After your first week of training, I suggest you start getting involved in the forum. There is so much you can learn on here and know that you know about it you would be a fool not to at least check it out. You can get there through [Here]

The biggest thing to remember when starting out is that it takes a little while for things to get rolling in the right direction and not to be discouraged when you don’t see immediate results.

The claims from others online stating that if you join there program or buy there product you can make $1,000’s each week starting off is a straight up lie and they are scamming you.

When things sound too good to be true, they usually are. You can make $1,000’s of dollars a week or more from affiliate marketing but not right away and not without investing money at some point.

When starting off the only thing you should invest in is yourself. (meaning your education) Education that you can actually use to make money is the best investment. All the work you put in now will be rewarded 10 fold in the future but not if you give up! Many people throw in the towel too soon and that’s why they never make it. If you do what I told you to do then you will indeed see positive results.

Good luck to you. I hope to see you in the online training program I recommended. I am on there every day to create new content for my websites.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

How To Join A Affiliate Program

Hello, In this brief article I will tell you how to join a affiliate program. I will also tell you what you need to know when joining an affiliate program and what to look out for. I will also include in this article how to find affiliate programs There are some things you need to know about affiliate programs so if you’re new to affiliate marketing make sure you read this. If you are new this site has a lot to offer and you should start with the homepage [Here] after reading this.

The homepage has a basic walkthrough for affiliate marketing as well.

How To Join Affiliate Programs

First off since you are reading this I am going to assume you’re new which is okay we all started at some point. It’s also great and I wish you good luck. Now that the pleasantries are over I’ll tell you how to join a affiliate program. In general there are these websites called affiliate networks. These websites/networks have many different individual programs that you can sign up with and track your statistics through.

Affiliate networks are a good choice to join for a couple reasons. One reason being that you can join multiple affiliate programs on one website and also you can track your statistics through the affiliate network. You also get paid through the networks so if you have many programs that you’re getting commissions from then you get everything deposited from that network.

It makes it much easier than trying to keep track of 20+ different affiliate programs that you’re promoting that are outside of networks. Making money from networks really simplifies the process. It also saves you a ton of time form  re-entering all your information while applying to individual affiliate programs.

Trust me it takes a lot of time if you’re applying to many programs. Don’t get me wrong though because some of the best affiliate programs are outside of the main affiliate networks and are run in-house. Meaning that the company runs and manages their own affiliate program that’s not included in an affiliate network.

Now sometimes an affiliate program is in both available on an affiliate network and also on the company’s own website. An example of this would be you can sign up for’s affiliate program through their website or through the Travel Payouts Network. Travel Payouts is a great affiliate network for travel if that’s your niche it’s worth joining.

Other programs will have an option to join their company’s program on their own website but then they direct you to sign up through an affiliate network. Here’s an example of this: WP Engine’s affiliate program (which is a high paying affiliate program) is available on their website and it instantly brings you to the Shareasale network where you can create a free account.

Most affiliate networks and programs are free to join. I personally haven’t come across one that isn’t free.

Now one thing to realize that for almost all affiliate programs you will need your own website to join. In order to have a website you need somewhere to host it. This is called web hosting. There are places where free web hosting is available. If you don’t have a website and would like to get free web hosting then check out my article “The Best Web Hosting Sites For 2018” The number one web hosting service is actually free to use and I use it myself.

Some affiliate programs will not let you join unless you have many current customers or visitors, while other programs don’t require any criteria and you are approved instantly. When applying for any program it usually takes 1-3 days to get approved and you can get your affiliate links (Links you use on your website or social media/other means to drive customers to a specific business so you can make a commission).

Sometimes approval is instant it all depends on the individual programs. The same goes for any programs you apply for in affiliate networks. In every affiliate network you must apply to the individual programs that you want to join.

Here’s a screenshot of the Shareasale Network dashboard for affiliate programs. There is a search bar available to search for programs but its cut out of the picture. Shareasale is a great network to be a part of. It’s very easy to use and is currently my favorite network because of that reason. I highly recommend the Shareasale Network to anyone especially beginners.

Shareasale dashboardHere’s a screenshot of what shows up when you click join program.

Shareasale join affiliate program


How To Find Affiliate Programs

A question many beginners ask is how to find affiliate programs. It is actually very easy. You can search for individual programs through any affiliate networks in their site’s search bar. The networks will also usually have new affiliate program offers or hot affiliate program offers. Every network is different.

You can also use a search engine like Bing or Google and enter in the search bar: [company/products name + Affiliates] Or [company/products name followed by affiliate program]. Here’s a screenshot example.

affiliate programs search screenshotHere’s another:

Affiliate program search screenshot exampleIn these examples I used the niche category(Market that your in) for the search but you can use a specific company that you want to promote as well.

These are the best ways to search for programs but you must remember not all companies have affiliate programs.

If you are looking for the highest paying affiliate programs for 2018 then check out this article [Click Here]

There will be a highest paying affiliate programs article for each of the most popular niche categories Be sure to check out what the best paying affiliate programs are for your niche.

Things You Need To Know About Affiliate Programs

  • All programs pay different so if you have two similar ones and have to choose just one then make sure you pick the one with that will make you the most money. For example:
    • Highest commission rate
    • Longer Cookies (how long your link stays on a visitors computer/device after they click your link)
    • Best Service or Product
  • When you join a affiliate program there may be one product/service for you to promote or many products/services to promote within that program and they all may have different commission structures
  • If search for a company affiliate program on Google for example and don’t see any results then go directly to the company’s main website, and look through their menus or scroll to the very bottom of the page and look for the word affiliates or affiliate programs.
  • Choose and promote only good products/services. Don’t promote anything that you don’t believe in or that isn’t worth the money. Many people promote terrible products DON’T BE ONE OF THEM! You will build trust and recurring visitors/customers if you are honest. Building trust with your audience is crucial for a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Training

success go get it

If you would like to get started in affiliate marketing the right way and really make money online then join the best affiliate marketing training program on the internet for free. There is a lot of terrible and average affiliate training programs available online but this is honestly the best one by far. There are many successful affiliates that started here and stayed here.

I am part of this program myself and there are around 1 million current members. This is where I got my start and learned everything I know. Web hosting and everything you need is included in your free membership. Check out this proven affiliate training program and join for free [Here]

What Is Affjobs?

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Affjobs. What is Affjobs? Affjobs is a premium affiliate marketing recruitment site that was established in early 2018. Simply put Affjobs is an online job board platform for the affiliate marketing industry created by the team who founded Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum STM and successful global conference Affiliate World Conferences.

Affjobs is a very new job board but has huge potential for growth and I believe it will be the LinkedIn for the marketing industry. They are constantly growing and have a knowledgeable team of experts running the business. I indeed see a bright future for Affjobs. One main attraction of Affjobs is the simple fact that every one on this job board is actively seeking the same thing which is marketing jobs. I will get into this more in a moment.

Don’t Forget TO Watch The Video Below!!!

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Who Is Affjobs For?

There are two types of individuals/companies that Affjobs is currently for.

  1. People who are looking for any type of marketing/affiliate job
  2. Companies looking to recruit marketing/affiliate employees

Individuals Seeking A Marketing Job/Career

For people seeking a marketing position of any kind Affjobs is a great job board to sign up with. Like most job boards it is free to sign up and there are many positions available all over the world. What’s great about Affjobs is that there are international positions as well as work from home positions, so if you’re looking to relocate or not move from your couch Affjobs can help you out.

One huge draw I noticed with Affjobs is  it’s much easier than some other websites when it comes to searching for a job simply for the fact that you don’t have to sift through all the undesired job categories. This is because Affjobs is specifically tailored for the marketing industry, meaning you won’t find any jobs outside of this industry. Yes, with other online job boards you can use the filter option and narrow down what your looking for but since Affjobs is geared only towards marketing you will find more high quality jobs on this website that you will not find elsewhere. Now don’t get me wrong there are other job boards where you can find great marketing jobs but if you are looking for a marketing job be it domestically, at home or internationally then joining Affjobs and seeing what they have to offer is a smart move. This way you open up your options and increase your potential for finding the right marketing job for you.

To Sign Up For Free and Register With The Premium Job Board Affjobs [Click Here]

For Employers Looking To Fill Marketing Positions

hire the industy's best

As a company looking for marketing canidates Affjobs is a great affordable option and soon will be the best option. The only reason at this moment in time it is not the best option is because Affjobs is a very new job board and does not have the public exposure that other internet job boards have right now. This will change with time though. Like all businesses throughout history they all need some time to grow.

For an employer looking to fill marketing positions Affjobs is one of the job boards you do not want to underestimate. Why? Because every job seeker that is registered with Affjobs is specifically looking for a good marketing job. Most if not all the candidates have some type of marketing experience and as an employer looking to fill those types of positions that’s exactly what you’re looking for. As an employer screens the applications, the worst part is being bombarded with underqualified candidates with zero experience. This is not a regular issue when recruiting from AffJobs. Now although Affjobs is marketed towards affiliates they do cover the whole marketing industry and have qualified candidates in every sector of marketing. I have personally seen companies recruiting for all types of marketing jobs through Affjobs.

Another plus to recruiting with Affjobs is you can get access to over 5,000 subscribers through the STM newsletter and over 2,000 active affiliates through the STM forum. In addition, you can promote through Affjobs social media and STM accounts as well. Overall big attraction to recruiting with Affjobs is the quality candidates. As you know it doesn’t matter that you reach 1 million people if none of them are qualified to do the job efficiently.

Even If you already have had some success using other job boards, it’s worth giving Affjobs a shot simply for the fact of being able to have access to skilled individuals at cheaper rate than other online job boards. Now I can’t say for sure that the inexpensive job listing price will always be so low, but I do imagine in only a few years time the price will increase as the business continues to grow. Do yourself and your company a favor and start hiring through Affjobs now while the price is still low. Here is a price comparison chart below for some popular online job boards versus Affjobs.

Affjobs Price Comparison ChartIf You Want To Hire The Marketing Industry’s Best Candidates Recruit With Affjobs

Do you wish to make money online and be your own boss? If you think you have what it takes to become an affiliate marketer, then get started with the best training program currently offered. Get started for with this proven system for free below and see what it’s all about:

[Click Here To See What’s Offered, Sign Up Free With The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program In The Industry]

Have you used Affjobs before as an employer or a job seeker? If so, please leave a comment of your experience below. All thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Travel-2018

affiliate traveling programs

Here is another article from our highest paying affiliate programs category. This article is solely based on the highest paying affiliate programs for travel in 2018. One of the most important things as an affiliate marketer is getting paid the most for your efforts. With the amount of work, us affiliate marketers put in on a weekly basis, each one of us want to get the most amount of money back for our efforts. The programs you will see in this article are tried and tested to be the best travel affiliate programs you could be a part of. This list has been narrowed down from many affiliate programs through hours of research to deliver you affiliate marketers the best companies to promote from within the travel industry.

May the contents of this article help guide you towards earning more revenue on a monthly basis. I just wanted to add, as an affiliate for travel if you can make a deal with certain hotels resorts, etc., to bring them customers then you will make more of a commission then using a standard travel affiliate program. Although this is not a viable option for most marketers especially early on, it is a point that I did not want to leave out Also as an affiliate marketer in the travel industry it is a wise idea to promote through more than just one specific program. Each one of your readers will have a different preference for who they like to use while traveling so if you make more options available to them then they are far more likely to go through your promotional links, rather than just exiting out and looking for the another website. Good luck to all of you and please feel free to leave a comment with any questions or feedback at the bottom. Thank you.

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Best Travel Affiliate Programs

euro money

Note: I personally do not receive any revenue whatsoever from these recommended highest paying affiliate program links other than if you were to join through the Shareasale Network which I would receive $1.00 for referring an affiliate.

I listed some in this article but if you are looking for an affiliate travel network that has many great affiliate program offers, then I would recommend to try using the Travel Payouts Network. They are free and easy to use. Instant approval for the network as well. We all know how annoying it can be jumping around to manage your affiliate programs so if you have the opportunity to make your life easier then do it. If you are in the travel niche market, then it is worth checking out Travel Payouts.

The best travel affiliate programs are the following:


tripadvisor logo

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular and widely used companies from reserving a room to a restaurant all over the world. They have many reviews for hotels, restaurants, attractions etc., (Over 5 million hotels to compare) and are used by millions of people daily. They have been around for a long time and are here to stay. Chances are if you’ve done any type of traveling then you have heard about TripAdvisor. Not only is TripAdvisor highly trusted and used by many, they also provide their affiliates with hefty commissions. People generally like to review a place before they book a reservation so having access to TripAdvisor’s user reviews is a huge advantage for any affiliate. As an affiliate for TripAdvisor you will receive the following:

  • Standard commission is 50% for a converted sale through your links.
  • Extra incentives for driving a high volume of traffic to their website. (Average click out rate is $.15 to $.75 per click out) You can sign up through Commission Junction (Solid Affiliate Network To Use) and track your individual starts daily.
  • Deeplinking, Banners, etc
  • Monthly payouts

I Highly recommend joining the TripAdvisor affiliate program because of their high commission payouts along with their many customer’s user reviews on destinations. They are a trusted source online and can help you increase your current revenue in the travel niche.

Sign up for the TripAdvisor affiliate program [Here] logo is well-known and trusted in the eyes of the average consumer. Chances are the average person wouldn’t hesitate to use them for traveling since there is no skepticism on whether they are a legitimate company to plan your trip with. This is always a positive thing for any affiliate marketer. books over 1.2 million rooms a day! That is one hell of a number so their market exposure is very broad to say the least. Now on to why is a great affiliate program choice for you. For affiliates, here is the rundown:

  • Anyone can sign up/ Free and easy to use. They offer deeplinking, Search box and banner options
  • Payouts are through PayPal (Trusted and free to use)
  • Commission rates vary depending on the number of customers that convert through your links. Commission rates start at the following bookings per Month: (based on’s earnings not overall cost of hotel stay)
    • 1-50 = 25%
    • 51-150 = 30%
    • 151-500 = 35%
    • 501 or more = 40%
  • Many promotional tools at your disposal. They offer deeplinking, Search box, deals finder, banner options and WordPress plugins for your website.

As an affiliate for the potential to make a lot of money is there. As you see the more business you bring their way the higher your commission will be. You can sign up through the affiliate network Travel Payouts which has many great travel affiliate offers all in one place and is specifically designed for the travel niche.

To join’s affiliate program sign up free here through the Travel Payouts Network– Instant Approval!



Viator is one of the largest companies for booking tourism attractions in the world. They offer “thousands of sightseeing, tours, attractions and transfers in 75+ countries and over 450 destinations worldwide”. For unique trips and destinations on things to do Viator is a program you will want to work with. It’s all well and good to make a commission on helping someone get a hotel, but if you can provide even more great info like helping them find interesting things to do on their trip, then you become a much more valuable source that people will flock to. As an affiliate for Viator you will receive the following:

  • You get a 5% commission after someone books and travels.
  • Access to widgets and banners for your website
  • Bank deposit payouts unless you sign up through the Shareasale Network which I use and highly recommend.

If you’re already running a travel blog or site then becoming a part of the Viator affiliate program is a great choice to boost your earnings. Sign up through Shareasale where you can easily track many great affiliate programs including Viator.

You can sign up through Shareasale [Here]


agoda logo

Agoda is one of the best known travel companies throughout the world and they offer one of the highest paying affiliate programs for travel to top it off. Everyone can join this program but you must have a website or blog to do so. They have over 250,000 of the finest properties to choose from and the approval process for the affiliate program takes about 2-3 days. As an Affiliate for Agoda you will have access to the following:

  • Up to 7% Commissions on booking price (other reviews claim up to 60% commissions but in my research i did not find this to be true unless they mean 60% of what Agoda makes which is a misleading claim anyways without stating that fact.
  • Commission rates start at 4% and can go up to 7%.
  • Text links, data feeds, and search box for your site.
  • Bank deposit payouts unless you use the Shareasale Network like I do which is the easiest affiliate network that I have personally come across thus far.

Something to be aware of with this program is that there are no longer any cookies available so if someone doesn’t book right away through your link and searches the same hotel for example the following day within the Agoda website then you will not be paid. Not many reviews will tell you this but I like my readers to know all the facts.

Sign up for the Agoda affiliate program [Here]

Cruise Direct

cruise direct logo

If you are involved within the travel niche then being a part of a cruise affiliate program is strongly encouraged. Why you ask? Well because of the fact that cruises are becoming more popular every year and it is a part of the travel niche that you can benefit from financially. Reasons why Cruise Direct is appealing to potential cruise customers are that they guarantee the lowest possible price, they have no booking fees and they have flexible payment plans. Cruise Direct is one of the better affiliate programs for this category and as a member they offer the following:The following Information is taken directly from their affiliate website:

So as you see this program has a lot to offer its affiliates and it would be a wise choice becoming a member if you are promoting any type of cruise travel.

Sign up for the Cruise Direct affiliate program [Here}

Priceline Partner Network

the negotiator

I’m sorry but I just had to add a picture of him for Priceline lol I find it funny! Now Priceline Partner Network is a good affiliate program to join for a few reasons. They cover many aspects of travel like hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and more. When people want to book everything at once priceline is a great option to use. They compare prices for the consumer and narrow down the best options. As a Priceline affiliate you are offered the following:

  • Over 980,000 properties to inventory from
  • 35 Commission on most bookings
  • 5% or more commissions on retail hotel price bookings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Banners

To become an affiliate you can also join the Priceline Partner Program through the Commission Junction Network. It’s an affiliate network that tracks many programs and provides everything you need such as links, banners etc.

Sign up for the Priceline Partner Network [Here]

What To Do If Your Not Seeing Results?

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Ok, so for many new affiliate marketers and even some that have been in the business for a bit have not been seeing the financial results they have hoped for or expected. Why is this? You have learned the basics and expect to see some results from your hard work am I right?

Well the problem here is that there is a ton of crap training available all over the internet… A TON! I personally know because that is exactly what I came across when I started. You may have studied and trained with a few different training sources and still haven’t seen solid results even after the countless hours of work you put in, Does this sound familiar? Yes it takes time to get things rolling but if you’re putting in the work and not seeing results then ultimately there is a problem. Some get lucky and start making big money right off the bat but for most of us we have to really grind and work hard before we make our fortunes.

Now I’m no guru and will never claim to be but what I can tell you is that if you want to start seeing real results and make some real money then reevaluate your efforts and join a training program that actually works. Where I got my real start at working online was through this training program.

Not only do they have countless success stories they actually care and want to see you succeed. They offer step by step training so that no matter your capabilities you can succeed but only if you actually put the work in. There are so many people out there these days that want to see results but aren’t willing to do the work. If you are one of those people then do not bother because this affiliate training program is not for you and honestly none are. If you want money for no real work then look elsewhere.

If you are interested in learning how to really make money online and become a successful affiliate marketer with no BS strings attached situations, to sign up for free [Click Here].

If you would like to see my personal in-depth review on this affiliate training program and what they have to offer then click [My Review] to learn more.

My review contains real natural screenshots from within the program showing you exactly what real people using this training program are saying all by themselves. I know you will be impressed!

Additional High Paying Travel Affiliate Programs

Here are some more of the highest paying affiliate programs for travel in 2018 without in-depth details:

Just click and be brought to the affiliate sign up page

Hope you enjoyed this article if there are any programs you think should be added onto this list then please feel free to leave a comment below, as well as any success stories you have or anything else you wish to share. Thanks for reading!

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs-Quality Programs For Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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*Note:This article is only a single part of multiple articles. These articles contain the top categories for affiliate marketing, with the highest paying affiliate programs within their respected fields. As new articles are released they will be linked below. This message is for your convenience*

This Article Covers The Highest paying Affiliate Programs For: Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

As an Affiliate marker the goal is obviously to make money but not just that. It’s to make as much money as possible and reach as many people as possible to get recognition and keep that money flowing into your bank accounts. It might sound easy but if you have any length of experience in affiliate marketing then you know making money as an affiliate marketer can be quite difficult at least at first before you get your individual methods perfected.

Even if you have many subscribers to your website or blog and receive a lot of consistent traffic you may be making missing out on extra money you could have made elsewhere. By elsewhere I mean through a higher paying affiliate program. If you already have your campaign strategies down pat and working good then you might want to ditch your low commission affiliate programs and swap replace them with the highest paying affiliate programs you can find that are similar to what you are promoting.

If you don’t have a niche content website then you can always just move on to the highest paying affiliate programs easily by promoting them through your preferred choice of marketing. In this article I show you the highest paying affiliate programs and a simple method to deciding which ones to promote. The method is pretty simple and obvious but good to know for any beginner in affiliate marketing. To find out the highest paying affiliate programs read continue reading.

Compare Commission Payouts for Similar Merchants


This is a simple but effective way to up raise your earnings as an affiliate marketer, Whatever you are currently promoting on your niche website or elsewhere search Google or another search engine for alternative affiliate program for that particular type of product or service. It’s a very simple but effective way to increase your affiliate earnings. Search for a high paying affiliate program that matches the category you’re promoting. Easy enough right?

When doing this their are a couple things to keep in mind though. Yes we all want to join affiliate programs with high commissions but if the product or service is terrible you may earn more money in a short period of time but ultimately damage your credibility in the eyes of your target audience. This is something you don’t want to do whatsoever. The goal is to build a trust relationship with your target audience overtime not to destroy it so if you start promoting high paying affiliate products for a quick buck that are horrible you will be losing money and repeat customers in the long run which obviously is not good. It’s cheaper to sell something to an existing customer than it is to a new one. This is a widely known fact and is important to remember when choosing your affiliate programs. You want quality over quantity especially if you own a content website or blog. All it takes is one bad recommendation and you could potentially lose out on many subscribers/readers that have been following your advice for a while. Always keep this in mind when choosing what to promote.

Once you Find a legitimate higher paying affiliate program that can be used to replace your currently promoted product/service then make the switch and see the extra dollars start to roll in each month. That is an easy and effective way to increase your revenue as an affiliate marketer.

Now on to the highest paying affiliate programs so you can benefit more for your hard work as a marketer.

The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Now obviously their are thousands of different category markets and thousands of affiliate programs but these are the highest paying affiliate programs overall, each in It’s own category.

Business, Entrepreneurs and Marketing Affiliate Programs



3% lifetime commissions of any affiliate you refer. Now 3% might not seem like much but once you start referring other affiliates and they do well through this affiliate network that money will add up and overtime and always stay with you for as long as they use the network. For example if you refer WOWTRK to one great affiliate marketer who does very well and say earns $100,000 dollars in a year through this network then you get 3,000 from that one affiliate referral without any continuous effort on your part. Another example if you get say 50 other affiliates to sign up and they average $20,000 dollars a year in sales through the WOWTRK network then you get $30,000 dollars that year. Now this is possible to accomplish and worth the pursuit.

WOWTRX is the fastest growing affiliate network in the world and has incentives for It’s affiliates as I just mentioned. They have merchants available in many different industries to cover whatever markets you desire to promote available in multiple countries around the world. They only started in 2007 but are going to be around for many years to come. They currently have over 10,000 affiliates and are constantly growing. My advice is to get in now and start promoting products and referring as many other affiliates as you can to compound your earnings.

This is one of my favorite kind of commission structures. If I ever come across an article that that has these types of commission payouts I never have a problem with helping the author out and going through their links. Why? Because if someone writes an article that helps me on my personal journey to making money I have no problem helping them make money as well. It’s not like I am the one paying them or losing money. The author just receives money from the company so they do well when I do well It’s a win win.

To join the WOWTRK network [Click Here]


shopify logo

One of the highest commission payouts online. It’s easier to refer customers to Shopify because they are a trusted company and they offer a 14-day free trial. Free trials are always nice for the affiliate and help sway the potential customers to trying out a particular product or service. Now everyones heard of Shopify and they offer a great affiliate program as well. I hope to have a Shopify store of my own in the near future but you don’t want to hear that so let me hit you with the statistics. For the standard affiliate referral they give a 200% commission for the first user monthly subscription fee up to $598 on standard plans. So if their first monthly payment is $200 you get $400. For a referral to their enterprise plan you get 100% of their monthly subscription cost up to $2,000. If they pay $1000 per month you receive $1000.

Now their are addition ways to make money through Shopify as well you can also be a part of their Shopify Partner Referral Program. This pay scale is different and in order to do this you must make the development stores yourself and you receive recurring income from them.

As a Shopify partner or expert “You receive For each customer you refer or upgrade to Shopify Plus, you’ll earn 10% of the monthly minimum platform fees paid by the customer for Shopify Plus. After you refer four Shopify Plus stores within a calendar year, you will receive an increased revenue share of 20% for the fifth and all subsequent Shopify Plus stores referred that year”.(taken from their website)

If you can create Apps or themes, you can generate income from Shopify as well. For Apps, you earn 80% of the one-time price or recurring subscription fees for each app that you sell on the Shopify App Store”. For themes, you earn either 70% or 50% of each theme sale depending on what plan you decide to work with. If you are a developer you can potentially make a lot of money this way.

To join the Shopify affiliate program [Click Here]

WP Engine

WP Engine Banner

You can potentially earn a ton of money from this program I highly recommend them. You join through the Shareasale network which is a great affiliate network and very easy to use. Once you sign up for Shareasale you just click apply and wait a bit and you are approved. Huge commission potential and a very good web hosting company. Tier affiliate program with volume commissions. Promoting this company is easy because they are a quality service and every target audience craves quality. You earn $200 per referral or 100% of the first month’s payment, Whichever is higher is what you get. Also, for any affiliate you end up referring you will instantly receive $50 for every sale that affiliate makes for life!!! So if you refer a fellow affiliate and they make 10 sales you make an extra $500 It’s awesome.

Anytime I search the web for programs I always use the authors affiliate links that I find on their sites to help out my fellow affiliates. We are in this together the more people I can help out the better. If I can help someone out by just clicking a link to sign up for something I was already going to then why not? I also want to add at 5 sales per month incentive bonus commissions kick in and WP Engine has 180 day cookies. What’s not to love about this program?

To join WP Engine’s affiliate program [Click Here]

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate make money

I am a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate and can personally vouch for this program as being extremely high quality. I’m actually using their content creator to write this article. To start join, their affiliate program. It’s very simple just create a free starter account and grab your affiliate links. With a free starter membership you earn $4 for special offer referrals, (which is the $19 first month promo to join) then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions (if the person you refer buys a yearly membership). Any of your starter membership referrals that upgrade to premium you receive credit for no matter when they decide to upgrade. You also earn commissions for life with Wealthy Affiliate, for as long as your referred customer stays you keep earning commissions. Personally I plan on staying for life, Wealthy Affiliate is how I got into affiliate marketing. I learned so much from them and wouldn’t even have a website if i never joined.

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you earn double the commissions (example: $23,50/mo for a premium referral, etc) that a free starter membership does. If you have a big audience I would recommend becoming a premium member to earn more money. Once you get 2 premium referrals your premium membership pays for itself at that point and every referral after that is pure profit. With a free starter membership It’s all profit but as a premium member you can earn 2x as much. Lifetime cookies as well.

One of the reasons I really like this affiliate program is the lifetime commissions and a very high percentage of the people who become premium member stay for a long time if not forever so the potential for continuous revenue off a single lead is very high. Like I said before people crave quality.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I highly recommend starting with their free starter membership and trying it out to see what they have to offer and if you like it go premium and get access to everything. The amount of affiliate marketing knowledge that place has is unreal you will learn everything you need to become a success. If your interested on joining Wealthy Affiliate for their training program or web hosting then check out my article A Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. If your’re interested in using them for web hosting take a look at this article Best Web Hosting Sites I just want to add everything is included within your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

to Join the Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate program [Click Here]

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate bundles banner

Ultimate Bundles is a pretty cool affiliate program that has a lot to offer the affiliate which is always a plus for people like us. Although Ultimate Bundles does not have a ton of individual products that they sell they do offer a good value on a “bundle” of similar products to customers at discounted prices.

Everyone loves a discount so It’s easier to push these products because of that fact. They don’t just have products in the business niche but also Family and lifestyle bundle products as well. For the case of this article I will be talking about their business bundle which is “Work at Home Super Bundle”. This is comprised of many products individually worth over $1,500 for only $47 dollars for the bundle. What a steal right. The good thing about this program is It’s a legit one unlike so many other programs that offer so much and in reality deliver so little. At a price point of $47 many people can afford it as well.

They also will help you with ways to promote and offer you affiliate marketing training and tips. Like most affiliate programs this is free. This program does have a lot to offer and is worth the pursuit. Although they do not have high value ticket items you still have the potential to make a lot of money with Ultimate bundles. They also have a 30 guarantee which you can tell your potential customers about.

Now onto to the Commission Details:

  • You receive 40% of sale
  • If you contribute to their bundles and promote it you receive 70% commission
  • Refer an Affiliate and receive 5% of whatever they make
  • After selling 5 bundles you will receive a free bundle for yourself. At this point you will be able to know exactly what you are promoting for free also which is very cool if you happen to buy a bundle before you make 5 sales then once you 5 sales you get reimbursed for the money you paid (hoe awesome is that right)
  • You get any bundle for 40% off as an affiliate. There’s a lot of useful information in their bundles this is a program you can feel confident in promoting. (which are the only kinds of programs I try to promote) I believe that honesty with your readers and customers can and will go along way. I’d much rather only make a little bit of money at first and keep a customer or reader for life over making a lot by promoting a terrible product or service and losing that person forever. An honest approach is always best in my opinion.
  • Paid though PayPal monthly

To join Ultimate Bundles affiliate program [Click Here]


live plan picture

Liveplan is a software for business that is used for creating business plans as well as financial forecasts for the future. Perfect tool for any business, Financial expert or entrepreneur that wants a leg up in planning. You get $20 for every signup you refer to LivePlan. With their first month charge being around $10 that is an easy sell for what they provide to their customers. Also for every Palo Alto Software product purchase you will receive a 20% commission as well.

To sign up as an affiliate for LivePlan [Click Here]

More of the highest paying affiliate programs for business, entrepreneurs, and marketing without an extended description are:

*Note:Just because these do not have an extended description doesn’t mean they are any less of an importance in regards to high paying affiliate programs*

  • Core Spreads Partnersup to $700 per referral depending where they live and what their criteria is. They offer Spread Betting and CFD trading options to the public. receive uncapped welcome bonus worth up to 50% of their first month’s spread
  • ShareasaleWell known affiliate network. You receive $150 for every merchant you refer to Shareasale and $1.00 for every affiliate that signs up and receives at least 1 click through a link from one of their programs. I personally like using this network a lot It’s very easy to use and navigate It’s definitely by far one of my favorites at this point. Great for beginners too because of the easy use and most programs get approved instantly or within a day. All banners and links are on easy to get on one page.
  • GetResponseQuality Email marketing software(great tool for affiliates) 33%recurring commissions with 120 day cookies. High converting internet marketing materials, I cover them in my article “Tools For Affiliate Marketing
  • SiteGround– High rated web hosting service. Commissions start at $50 a sale and go all the way up to $100 per sale after 10 sales. No minimum sale payouts. Get paid on just 1 sale. Weekly payments.
  • Ninja Outreach– Email Marketing. 50% recurring commissions, have training course as well receive 50% commissions. Make up to $300 per referral each month.
  • 67 stepsPersonal mentoring program Created by Tai Lopez, medal marketing guru who also helps people run small businesses. This is his training program. Many different programs to promote. He you can earn up to $350 per referral depending on the program.
  • Instapage Landing page platform that increases conversions for businesses. Great commissions 50% for first sale and 30% thereafter. Product prices start at $79 and has 120 day cookies.
  • Credible– Refinances better deals for students loans and finds the best student loans available.Up to $240 per accepted loan referral and 45 day cookies.
  • Semrush– SEO Keyword research tool, one of the best in the industry. As an affiliate this would be a great tool to have. I use. They offer 40% recurring commissions, Bi-weelky payouts, 10 year long cookies. Very easy to sell because it truly is a great product. Many positive reviews
  • Improvely– High end software to improve and track your marketing results. 50% commission on first sale and 10% recurring monthly commission for the first year of each referral. Great quality product. Easy to promote. Program is available through the Shareasale network.


So Now What?

Well now that you have list of the highest paying affiliate programs for business, entrepreneurship and marketers get to work. Do what works best for you and of course brings in the most money in the process. We all want as much money as possible for the work we put in and using these programs I have mentioned will do just that. This is where I leave you but be sure to check out my other articles as they become available for the highest paying affiliate programs in other top categories. I wish you all the best on your road to success. Good luck to you.

Just want to leave you with this as well if you are a marketer and have a Google+ account then please join my new community The Marketers Lounge. Everyone of all experience levels is encouraged to join. The primary reason for this community is for everyone to share their knowledge, their progress and learn together.

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How To Make My Website Load faster-6 Simple Ways

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Now we all want web pages to load as fast as possible whether we are the site visitor or owner, page loading speed is a top prioritey. Here are some statistics you need to be aware of.

  • 83% of users expect web pages to load in 3 seconds or less
  • 40% of people are very likely to leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  • 25% of users will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • 1 Second delay in a pages load speed can reduce your conversions by 7%
  • 47% of shoppeers want your website to load under
  • 21% shopper exit shopping carts because of slow processing

The big factor these days in keeping traffic on your website is page speed. Not only is keeping your traffic from bouncing off of your website important but having a faster website is proven to icrease conversions as well. If thats not important enough for you knowing that Google is now ranking faster loading sites higher should be.

In essence having a fast loading website is a win in everyway. To break ot down A fast loading web site will rank higher, keep traffic on your site longer and increase your conversions which all boil down to one main thing. More money!!! Thats what we all want and the reason why most websites are created to begin with. Now in knowing this then the big question people ask is how to make my website load faster? In this article you will find both free and paid ways to make yout websites load faster.

Just to let all my readers know If you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you automatically have access to a proprietary technology called SiteSpeed at a click of a button. It’s free to sign up and If you go decide to go premium like I did you have unlimited access to everything they have to offer (which is a lot). If you’d like to see my honest Wealthy Affiliate review [Click Here]

Test Your Websites Page Load Speed

loading symbol

A couple tools you can use to help test your websites load speed and see where you stand are Googles Pagespeed Insights for Googles optimization scores and the Think With Google tool . Another great website load speed tester is Pingdom and it’s used by many. All are free to use and helpful in knowing how fast your website is and what needs to be improved.It is recommended that you run the speed tests 3 times and use the average of the 3 results.

Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed insights is a Google tool and there are many benefits to using it. The benefits to using Pagespeed insights are:

  • Complete list of the issues that affect your websites load speed.
  • Mobile and Desktop Optimization scores from 0-100 on how fast your website
  • Mobile and Desktop Page Speed (note: this may not show up if you have a newer website and you will have to use the Think With Google tool or the Pingdom tool for page speed
  • Ways to fix your websites speed issues (Although from personal experience it is much easier to Google or Bing search a solution to those specif problems and ffnd out what works best for each individual issue. At least in my case this was a much easier route to take and will be easier for any beginner or even intermediate website owner that is not experienced in web coding or useing technical computer terms.

Note: PageSpeed Insights may not be real time accurate. The information can be up to a week old. Still a very useful tool in regards to knowing where you stand for page speed and the certain elements that must be dealt with in order to fix them.

Think With Google

The Think With Google tool gives has a few benefits to using:

  • Accurate speed tests
  • Market research and Digital trends ( If your in marketing its worth taking a look at Think With Google to see what they have to offer)


  • Reliable Page Speed Monitoring
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring

Best Paid and Free Ways To Increase Your Websites Load Speed

speed on highway

Time Saver Note: If you don’t want to read the whole article and just want the top picks for each method of speeding up your website then scroll to the bottom of the article.

1.Leverage Browser Caching

Use Plugins:

Getting a paid plugin is your best bet if you are an affiliate marketer or have an online business. Most of these are inexpensive and worth the money. If you are going to invest in anything you can’t lose investing in yourself and your business. These are the best plugins on the market, some you may have already heard of but they are all well worth the expense.

If you don’t know coding and want to solve the issue of browser caching quickly and effectively then I highly recommend using plugins. All are free except WP Rocket  (because its the best) and they can be upgraded at any time for better performance If you don’t have the money right away.

  • WP RocketPrice:$39 for 1 year of support and updates. you can upgrade your plan if you have multiple websites. Most popular premium plugin. One of the highest selling widely used cache plugin there is. Many use WP Rocket and its highly recommended as the best on the market. By far the best for an inexpensive price you will not be disappointed purchasing WP Rocket.
  • WP Fastest CacheOver 400,000 Downloads  with WP Fastest Cache its easier to combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files which makes it faster than WP Super Cache. It’s one of the easiest to use cache plugins and one of the fastest. That is the reason why I recommend WP Fastest Cache as the #1 free cache plugin
  • WP Super Cache Over 1 Million Downloads (The tests I researched involving WP Super Cache show that this plugin is slower than WP Fastest Cache)
  • W3 Total Cache– Over 1 million Downloads (The default settings are not usually great. Unless you know how how to reconfigure the settings the right way you should look up a tutorial online to guide you)

Add Cache-Control Headers and E-Tag Headers in HTTP headers

Im not going to get into all the technical mumbo Jumbo terms and methods for this but I will tell you simply what you need to do.

  • Edit hta access file to get in-depth instructions on how to do this just visit this site [Click Here]

In my opinion its much easier to just use a plugin. Within a few minutes your problem is solved and you can move onto your next objective.

2.Enable GZIP Compression

Enabling GZip Compression is a very popular way to speed up your website. You can reduce the response time by around 70% using this method.

My personal favorite is using a plugin it’s quick and easy:

Check and Enable GZIP compression plugin


Use any of the Cache plugins I recommended, go to settings and check the box to add HTTP compression

For Coding methods:

Add the following code to your .htaccess file to reduce response time

# compress text, html, javascript, css, xml:
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
# Or, compress certain file types by extension:

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

or at the top of your HTML/PHP file you can use this PHP code:

3.Use a CDN– “A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver pages and other Web content to a user, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the web page and the content delivery server. … CDNs also provide protection from large surges in traffic”-Webopedia

There are many different CDN’s you can use but the best ones that I recommend to use are the following:

*All of these companies stop DDoS attacks and and have top of the line security*

  • Incapsula-free trails for pro and business memberships. they also have a free plan for personal websites or bloggers.
    • Used on more than 530,000 websites along with top companies such as T-Mobile, Moz, WIX, XOOM, Siemens and IATA, GoEast
  • StackPathThis is a newer company that has acquired MAXCDN which you may know is a highly rated cdn company some would say even the best…that is until StackPath arrived on the scene. They also purchased Highwinds another large company in this sector. StackPath is here to stay and is rapidly taking over the cdn industry. They have all the benefits of MAXCDN and more they will most likely be towards the top of my list and stay that way for a long time.
  • CloudFlareVery popular company widely known and used. Many happy customers. they are proven as a reliable cdn to use.

I was going to add KeyCDN to this list but they’ve had many negative reviews because of their price and dishonesty with it’s customers. I want to only guide my readers to legitimate and honest companies. KeyCDN does do a good job performance wise but their price is too inflated and they make false promises.

4 Image Optimization

Use Plugins: Again and again plugins can be your best friends. they are the go to when it comes to image optimization. If you have the means to afford it I highly recommend getting a paid plugin. These are the best ones to choose from.


Very reliable and efficient image optimizer. Extremely efficient under rated plugin. Many 5 star reviews and happy customers for ShortPixel

  • Over 80,000 active installations
  • No file size limit
  • it is safe to test and use the plugin: all the original images can be restored with a click, either one by one or in bulk
  • Option to include the generated WebP images into the front-end pages by using the tag instead of
  • Option to freely convert any JPEG, PNG or GIF (even the animated ones) to WebP for more Google love
  • This plugin connects to a cloud image optimization service
  • ability to optimize any image on your site including images in NextGEN Gallery and any other image galleries or sliders
  • 24/7 Support
  • works well with both HTTPS and HTTP websites
  • you can run ShortPixel plugin on multiple websites or on a multisite with a single API Key

EWWW Image Optimizer This is the first image optimizer I ever used and was recommended to all Wealthy Affiliate members to install. (I used the basic version of this and another image optimization as well and have had great results)

  • No Speed Limits and unlimited file size. Using automatic Background Optimization and optional Parallel Optimization, get rid of upload delays and get back to doing what you love.
  • Smooth Handling with pixel-perfect optimization using industry-leading tools and progressive rendering.
  • High Torque as we bring you the best compression/quality ratio available with our lossy options for JPG, PNG, and PDF files.
  • Adaptive Steering with intelligent conversion options to get the right image format for the job (JPG, PNG, or GIF).
  • Free Parking The core plugin is free and always will be. Additionally, if you choose the API, you never pay for an image we can’t compress, you are never billed for a month you do not use the API, and pre-paid credits never expire. Plus, get WebP image generation at no extra cost: any JPG or PNG can be converted to Google’s next-generation image format.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: no image gets left behind, optimize everything on your site, beyond just the WordPress Media Library.
  • Safety First: all communications are secured with top SSL encryption.
  • Roadside Assistance: top-notch support is in our DNA. While API customers get top priority, we answer every single support question with care.
  • Pack a Spare: free image backups store your original images for 30 days.

WP SmushThis plugin is simple to use and will let you compress your image 50 at time with one click. I like this one a lot and its highly rated. The good thing about this one is that it’s free and you can always upgrade at a later date.

5.Get Rid of Bulkly Plugins 

minimize use of bulky plugins and find better alternatives as much as possible. Plugins that load a lot of scripts and have many styles can slow your web page loading speed down so avoid them if possible. Social plugins can slow down your loading speed, so when it comes to them find yourself a quality plugin. If you want to find out what plugins are slowing your page speed the most then download the P3 (Plugin Performance Profile)Once you find which plugins are slowing you down and replace them with new ones then you can just delete P3 if you wish. This is a easy way to speed up your web page loading.

6. Clean up WordPress Database

WordPress Advanced Database CleanerThis is a plugin that cleans up your WordPress data base. If you have been using WordPress for a while then this is a must have tool. It gets rid of all the junk such as drafts, revisions,  orphan options, orphan tables,  spam comments, etc. It will also make your backup data files smaller. This plugin will help your site run  faster and more efficient. They have a free option but i recommend getting the paid option for a couple reasons.

First its only a one time payment unlike others that can  be monthly and yearly payments. Secondly the paid option is much more efficient and inexpensive. For a single site it’s a one time payment of 29.90 and it can go up in price the more sites you want to cover. If you have many websites then this even a better option for you because you have a one time payment of $199.00 and all your sites are covered for life. My guess is if you have multiple websites then you have a decent amount of income available so this is definitely worth the investment.

Upgrade Your Website Hosting Plan

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If your website has a lot of traffic and you are hosted on a shared network then upgrading your web hosting plan or switching networks is a great option. If you have already implemented the above recommendations and are still lagging in load time then definitely make the switch. Check out my article on Best Web Hosting Services

Note: If your already on a very strong shared network but still lack the speed after doing what i recommended to improve your site speed then start the list at my #2 pick which is Siteground

The only reason I say this is because Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 pick but it is shared hosting so if you need a different source then start the search at SIteGround then move down the list. If this is your situation then SiteGround or WP Engine are probably the best options for you. I tell you this only because I want my readers to know the truth and have access to the best knowledgeable information available so you can make a good choice for yourself and not the companies that want your hard earned money.

Quick Answers To Speed Up Your Site

So to sum it up few simple things to speed up your website page speed are:

1.Leverage Browser Cache

My Top Recommended Fix:WP Rocket

2.Enable GZIP Compression- My Top Recommended Fix:Check and Enable GZIP compression or use WP Rocket and adjust in settings

3.Optimize Images– My Top Recommended Fix: ShortPixel or EWWW Image Optimizer

4.Use a CDN– My Top Recommended Fix: Incapsula or StackPath

5.Get Rid of Bulky Plugins- My Top Recommended Fix:

P3 (Plugin Performance Profile)

6. Clean up WordPress Database– My Top Recommended Fix: WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner

Or avoid these problems and become a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate using their SiteSpeed Technology    (Links Below)

I just wanted to add again at the end of this post why choosing Wealthy Affiliate is a much better alternative for a very high percentage or website and blog owners. Instead of having to worry about most of this stuff for website speed it’s already taken care by their proprietary SiteSpeed technology when you’re a Premium member for only $49 a month (First month only $19). This is certainly much cheaper than paying for all these these recommended options combined.

Speed is only one of the advantages to being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Honestly if I didn’t find Wealthy Affiliate I probably would never even have a single website to begin with. I learned pretty much everything I know about creating a successful online business thanks to them. Now they are usually advertised as a training program on how to create and grow your own website. As well as how to get traffic and how to convert that traffic into money in many different ways.

My point is this that Wealthy Affiliate can help you in so many ways saving you time and energy on things like website speed so you can focus on other important tasks instead of worrying about all the technical stuff. If you ever have a issue or question regarding anything you can always ask the community members or support staff there for help and you receive an answer in a couple minutes.

If I seem like I’m obsessed with Wealthy Affiliate well it’s because I am. They were the first legit way I found to make real money online  after years of searching and getting scammed or under delivered. Wealthy Affiliate delivers on everything they say and more, that’s why I proudly stand by them and recommend them to my readers.

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SiteGround Comparison Graphs

I made this page so my readers could see all of the graph comparisons on one page without having to click through multiple pages. Hope this helps.


site ground graphs

siteground graphs

siteground performance graph

Security Graphs

siteground protection graph

siteground security graph



siteground support graph

siteground chat graph

site ground response time graph

siteground chart

Hope this data helped aid you in your decision making for a Quality Web Hosting Service