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My name is Kevin and my main mission for this site is to help other affiliate marketers as well as helping anyone with a dream of creating a second income stream get started for FREE. This Honestly is The #1 Best Way To Make Money Online.

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Here you have access to quality content and many of the resources you need as an affiliate marketer.There is too much garbage on the web these days and my goal is to deliver honest content to my readers. I believe in helping others. I hope you find value in this site and it helps you along your online money making journey. I have and will never promote any thing that I do not believe in and neither should you.

Anyone and I mean ANYONE, can make money online. It doesn’t matter who you are. With the right training and a solid work ethic you can and will be successful. There are people in their 80’s doing what I am about to tell you about that are very successful. If they can do it so can you!

This free program is where I got my start and is the only reason you’re reading this right now. Without this proven system I would not have any type of online business.

Best part is you can honestly get started for free. That’s right no credit card, no contract you can start today for 100% free. There actually is a way to make money online with no upfront investment other than your time.

I know that something like this may seem skeptical but please, bear with me for a moment and I will tell you how to do this. It’s not rocket science and it is very real. I will tell you why it’s free within the next minute.

if you’re interested in using a proven program that has helped around 1 Million people get started making money online then this for you. This is the real deal and not one of the many scams you see all over the internet.

You can also make passive income streams through this method if you choose to do so. Once you get started it is truly up to you. If you do the work and plant the seeds(your initial work) then your money will grow.

grow your money

This program has flown under the radar since it inception. It’s been around since 2005. it’s still very effective (I started in 2018) and gets better each and every year. It’s always updated and always improving.

Just Like Warren Buffet said “If You Don’t Find A Way To Make Money While You Sleep, You Will Work Until you Die”

What I am offering you here is simply an opportunity to do this. One that I am grateful I found myself.

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make 5k from home scam

I’m going to guess that at one time or another while surfing the web you came across some outrageous claim like in the picture above that seemed too good to be true am I right?. Well that’s because it is. There are many make money online scams. Too many to count unfortunately and their main agenda is to separate you from your hard earned money.

Now what if I told you there actually was a way to make money online with no upfront investment and that you could start your own online business completely for FREE. Yes, 100% FREE.

No games, No gimmicks, No lies.

You do not need any technical knowledge of computers or coding whatsoever! (I don’t have any)

i myself have fallen into the scam traps from some of these outrageous claims to make money online in your first day or week and had my money taken from me.

Before I get into how exactly you can get started like I did, have your own online business and be your own boss, I have to tell you this and make it very clear. You must to be willing to learn and put the work in otherwise you will not make a dime.

i will not lie to you and tell you you will be rich in a month or that 1hr a day will make you $1,000 dollars a week right away. (Although once you are set up and have put the work in this is more than possible) You must be willing to work for yourself and motivate yourself.truth

I will only offer you the truth, nothing more nothing less. 

Now at first I said to myself Yea right!!! How the heck can I make money with no money to invest? I did some of my own research and came across affiliate marketing. I realized that it is actually possible to make money online without spending money but there is one catch. You have to know how to build  your own website and know how to grow and run your online business (your website/s)

That is where this program comes in and if you’re serious about making money online then this is where you want to start. You can choose any niche (category/market) you like that interests you and make money.

It’s much easier to do something that your passionate about than something your not. It makes the process fun and you learn more about what you like along the way.

The great thing is once you learn this it opens up many other avenues to making money online but this program is the key. With this knowledge the sky’s the limit. 

If you are looking for a system or program that you can just click a button and make money I’m sorry to tell you it doesn’t exist and if that’s what your looking for then close this page right now.

With this program you will learn how to start and grow your own online time is moneybusiness for free. The biggest thing you will be offering is your time. You will be investing in yourself, which in my opinion is the best thing to invest in.

i know how hard it is to get started making money online and because of that I want to help you to not go through what I did. Now you’re not going to be making tons of money overnight but if work hard you will be successful like so many others who have made money and continue to make money online this way.

You will learn how to create, grow and run your own online website/businesses all in the same place for free. If you are looking for extra income streams, then this is the best way to do it. I promise you that if you put the work in you will be successful.

The reason this program is free is because they also offer an Premium Membership. You can chose to go that route in the future but you don’t have to and you will still get everything you need to start, run and grow your own website businesses all for free.

Many choose to go premium after they build there initial business because of the extreme amount of value that comes along with the premium membership. But like I said you don’t have to. Some people stay with the free membership and that is more that fine but once you get started you will understand why so many people decide to upgrade.

There is no other place online that offers so much value for such a small amount of money. value equation

I like everyone else that upgraded to premium started off with a free membership just like you will. If you take this opportunity to be your own boss and create your own online businesses you will not be disappointed.


There’s No Excuse For You Not To Do This!!!

no excuses

If you join for free through me I will give you some extra tips to help you get started and will assist you along the way. 

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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About This Program and Why It’s The #1  Way To Make Money Online For FREE.

If You Don’t Take This Opportunity To Make Money Online Then:

dont procrastinate

This site is constantly growing with new content added weekly. If there is anything you would like to see added just ask and you shall receive. Now to name a few things this site will help affiliate marketers with are:

Now I want to briefly tell you a little about myself. How To be an affiliate marketer was the very first thing I Google searched before I finally began my online money making journey. I later came across the program I mentioned above but not before I saw many sub par training programs.

Now many times before that like probably many of you I search endlessly for how to make money online with no sense of real success or anything even legitimate for that matter.

Too many scams! Then I came across affiliate marketing and thought to myself well there’s something I can do! In the beginning I thought it was gonna be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong. Now as many of you may know it’s not rocket science but it sure as hell isn’t a walk in the park.

So I had to ask myself again after the initial struggle. So you want to be an affiliate marketer? Yes, yes I do is what I answered. Even though there is a lot to learn. It’s a marathon being an affiliate marketer, not a sprint. There was one big thing that always drew me to wanting to become a successful affiliate marketer. That one thing was the ability to work wherever I wanted as long as there was an internet connection. True freedom is what I craved and as a successful affiliate marketer that is more than possible.

Holy Grail Of Affiliate training

If you want to get ahead of the competition and learn every single thing that you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer then don’t hesitate to check out this training program where you can sign up for free.

There is a lot of junk and scams on the internet like I already said but this is certainly not one of them. As long as you follow the training tips and directions you will be successful.

What To Do As An Affiliate Marketer? Basic Walkthrough

confused man

Before I get into what to do I want to briefly explain what an affiliate marketer is to anyone who doesn’t already know. Simply put an affiliate marketer is someone who makes money by bringing customers to another online business through their own special links (affiliate links) typically through their own website or blog. The most common method is once a person clicks on your links and purchase a product or service from that business you will then receive a commission of the sale.

Make sense so far? Another method is that you get paid based on just sending a potential customer to a business’s website by having them click on your links and you receive a certain amount of money for that.(Much less than a sale commission though)

Most Affiliate Marketers have their own websites or blogs and it’s usually mandatory that you own your own website in order to join most affiliate programs (the Businesses that you send customer to).

However, there are some people that are affiliate marketers that do not have websites and rely on social media and other means to make money. I strongly suggest that you have your own website though if you’re an affiliate marketer. It is quick and easy to set up your own website and most importantly free depending on where your sites hosted. If you don’t have a website yet or would like to use the great free web hosting that I started off with and still use to this day then [Click Here To Sign Up Free]

If you have a website but are looking for better web hosting [Click Here]

Now onto what to do as an affiliate marketer. Like I said in the beginning the journey is a marathon so be prepared for the long haul. Once you are set up though you can make passive income with only a few hours of work a week depending on your site. First thing to do is join an affiliate marketing training program,

This is the honestly the best one available it’s free join and is where I got my start and learned everything. The link directly above will bring you to my personal review of the #1 way to make money online.

Second create your website (which you can do within my recommended training program’s platform for free. Web hosting is included), then choose your niche (the thing your sites about). After you do this then move on to creating quality content.

This is one of if not the most important thing you can do. Quality is everything! No matter what you do always aim to pump out quality posts onto your site. In between creating content always be learning to improve. 

When choosing a niche for your website it can literally be anything but it’s best to choose something that your passionate about or at least have an interest in. This is because you will be spending a lot of time researching and writing your own content on that subject . It is much easier to write about something that intrigues you rather than something that bores you. The more you enjoy what you do the less it actually feels like work.

Everything can be overwhelming at first. I know it was for me but trust me. If you stick with it and keep learning you will be fine. Many people give up too early and that’s why they don’t succeed. Don’t be one of those people no matter how hard you want to chuck your keyboard against the wall, DON’T DO IT!

Reassess what you’re doing and keeping pushing forward. I can’t even tell you how many times I thought my brain was going to explode and I wanted to give up but I never did and I’m so glad I didn’t. Always tell your self you can do this. If someone else can then you can too!

Focus on building out your website first then worry about getting traffic to you site. If you only have 5 posts and you’re grinding your teeth over no traffic then just calm down, don’t worry it will come. One guy whose very successful said he doesn’t worry about traffic until he has at least 50 posts. Now personally I think you can focus on traffic with much less than that but that is just my opinion.

The fact is that you have to have quality content before you can expect to get any type of traffic. While you build out your website with many quality posts make sure to utilize relative affiliate program offers in your content. What you can do is join either join affiliate networks or find a program from a specific thing you’re looking to promote. Here’s an example for you.

keyword researchNow Here is another common search method below. 

keyword research example

Be Honest With Your Readers!truth puzzel

In regards to promoting affiliate links in your content my advice is don’t force it and let it flow naturally. Be genuine in what you recommend to your audience and most importantly be honest.

 There are many people who make money promoting terrible products and services to people. One thing I ask you is PLEASE DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! 

There are millions of products and services out there you can easily find some good ones in your respective niche to promote. You don’t have to lie to people to make a buck and honestly from my point of view it’s not beneficial to yourself in the long run anyways. I have come across great paying programs but decided against promoting them once I found out they were terrible. You will come across them as well but do as I did and make the right choice.

The way I look at it is if you recommend a terrible product or service to your readers then they will never trust your advice again and won’t return to your site.

Now on the other hand if you promote something great and valuable to your readers that they go buy and like, then chances are they will be back to your site in the future looking to you for recommendations. It is a win win. The reader/customer is happy and so are you. It is good business and the right thing to do.

Okay so you have a website with many quality posts that have numerous affiliate links throughout them and your website design looks good as well. Now what? Next thing you can do is start building a following by creating and growing an email list. You don’t have to but in the long run it will benefit you greatly.

There are a plethora of great email list programs and plugins available, . You can even use a free one at first if you don’t have the money to spend on a premium plugin or program. Check out my article “Tools For Affiliate Marketing To be honest I actually like to use everything I can for free unless I find the value in upgrading or buying a premium product. Especially at first being frugal is very important.

So you have an email list sign up sheet so the next thing you need to do is offer your readers a reason to subscribe with you. Other than you having an awesome website many your audience will want more. Put yourself in your readers shoes and think of an idea to offer as a bonus to subscribe to your email list.

A very popular thing I have noticed is a free e-book offer with sign up. You can get a number of products to offer your readers from PLR websites. Most of the PLR websites are free to join. You can get free digital products from them but if you pay a membership fee you will have access to much better products that you can re-brand and sell/ give away. (whatever the licensing says for that product. Each product has different licensing).

You could always make your own e-book to give as a bonus. Once you get your sites foundation built you will most likely have enough knowledge on your niches subject to create your own valuable e-book. 

Just make sure it will give your readers some value. This is the first thing that your readers will be getting from you and you want it to reflect back well on your website. Once you have your list generator set up then prepare to have a certain amount of emails per month that will be sent out to your subscribers.

These don’t all have to be done in advance just have an Idea of what you want to do and execute. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails would be an example. It is completely up to you. I wouldn’t do it more than weekly because it may upset your subscribers and they might unsubscribe but it’s your choice.



At this point one of your main focuses should now be traffic. Organic Traffic (Non-paid search engine clicks) or free traffic of any kind (social media, forums, etc.) should be your primary goal then you move on to paid advertisement(if you have the money) If you don’t have the money to spend on paid advertising that is perfectly fine and you should try mastering getting as much free traffic as possible.

You don’t need all the fancy software out there to get good traffic you just need to get good and be consistent at following a certain process when creating your content. There are certain things you can do to get your websites more organic traffic.

Ranking on the first page of Google is key to this and can be very difficult at first but is crucial nonetheless. You can find more information on this in other articles on this site.

Once you’ve done well at receiving organic traffic to your site then is a good time to move to paid advertising. Google Adwords is a very popular one as well as Facebook ads and Pintrest ads too. Until you have a solid website, paid promotion should be put off because you want the money you spend to make you more money and if your websites foundation/landing pages are not strong it’s likely not going to.

Now there are other ways around all of this. For example if you have a product or service offer that you want to promote and you create landing page (standalone web page designed for advertising) then you wouldn’t have to create an entire big website. This method typically will cost you money at first for advertising of course but can be very lucrative if done correctly with the right service or product.

Now last but certainly not least a huge aspect of affiliate marketing that many individuals struggle with is conversions (visitors who click on your links and actually buy that product or service).

I won’t get into this too much here but without good conversions you usually will not make much money. With a higher COR (Conversion Optimization Rate) you will in turn have a higher ROI (Return Of Investment). Hence, the better your conversion rate the more money you will make off your advertising investments.

No matter who you are you can make money online. As long as you have the will to learn you will be successful. If you would like to learn how to do all of these things efficiently and successfully and make real money online then join the Holy Grail Of Affiliate Marketing Training. You will not be disappointed I promise you that.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

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